Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version

Need Help

  • | Tip PIET789

    Hi I want to transfer some coin, but it doesnt seem to work.
    Can anybody help. Thanks

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  • Team Infrastructure | Tip ChekaZ

    Hey! - Can you please post the transaction ID and what client you are using?

  • | Tip PIET789

    The transaction ID is on the screen shot. Last line.
    I use Feathercoin core.
    I dont know how to check the version or how to update.
    It does say, I have to update though:
    "New Version 0.13 release - Please update soon.: #1004

    Thanks for helping.
    Regards, Alex

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    @PIET789 ok, ChekaZ asked you to paste the transaction id as text into a post, so he could search for the transaction in the block chain without having to type the long string by hand, as that would probably would end up with typos.

    You are using Wallet Version 13.0, I assume. This version is outdated.

    Please update to the latest version, which is 0.16.1.

    You can find the installation packages for mac and windows on Github:

    for Linux you may follow the procedure described here, what releases you from the need to manually update the wallet, if you enable auto-update on your linux system.

    Upgrading to the latest client should fix your problem.

  • | Tip PIET789

    Hi thanks for your help.

    Wich file do I need to download?


    what’s the difference?

    is there a manual available?

    Sorry I am not used to do this stuf.

    Thanks Piet

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    the .dmg file is the one you need to install.
    the .dmg.asc file cointains the signature, so users can check that the file downloaded was created by one of the feathercoin team members.

    I don’t use a mac, so unfortunately I can’t explain which software you need to verify the signature or how to install the .dmg file.

    In any case you can install the dmg file without checking the signature. That’s your risk