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Haasonline Simple Trade Bot for Bitstamp and BTC-e \[Main topic\]

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    As UKMark said, program is clean and works. Have nut testing the functionality as I’ve been busy organizing bits and bobs on the forum and don’t want to loose money because of my error. Will have to give the guide a read 🙂

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    [quote name=“haasonline” post=“9977” timestamp=“1370505574”]
    There are really no viruses inside. 😉 The warning may indeed be the cause that the software is unknown yet. It could be related to a security setting that i have put in during the build of the binaries. I will have a look at it, thanks for that comment!

    I responded to the questions with the PM.

    Well if there are I will do my damnedest to trace them as I feel I have an unwritten responsibility to do so.
    What I can say is I have not noticed anything untoward, and all threads do start & exit cleanly. 😎

    I have replied to your PM re the security permissions.

    I am going to try and trade with it now, all being well I can complete evaluation later on today or tomorrow.

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    I know I said I was going to write a brief report on my findings, but after receiving a response to my last PM to Stephan, I feel everything needed for a report is included in both of the following messages…

    [b]My Original message:[/b]

    [quote author=UKMark link=action=profile;u=68 date=1370527173]
    Hi Stephan,

    As you know I wanted to start trading today, but have already hit a slight hitch, I can not trade [i]past[/i] 4 decimal places (which for FTC’s current price is not much use if I did want to trade the high/low pips eg: 0.00061sell 0.00059buy) also even without the 5th decimal place the bot was stopped because my buy was too low even though it was 10pips away and all trade safety was unchecked at the time - I have attached a screen grab and I have highlighted the relevant bits:


    This will not affect my report as I know from reviews over on Bitcointalk that the bot can successfully trade BTC, but from this forums point of view and for trading FTC - we would need this fixing or a possible workaround mentioning until it is fixed…

    All in all I am impressed and can see you have put a lot of hard work into the trading engine itself, I realise it is still in beta and does obviously need fine tuning.
    I have mainly security concerns though, not from your code itself as all noted threads started and exited cleanly, all tcp connections were closed and no rogue processes continued after code completion, but from an end users point of view, what worries me the most is the permissions and abilities that your code can permit, what drew my concerns initially was that it did not flag any tcp connection warnings from eset or microsoft security essentials that it was attempting to connect remotely and communicate via RPC’s < This needs to be fixed at permission level, it needs to request it rather than grant it to itself, this could be exploited and while I have not studied your source for any exploits you can guarantee due the nature of this software that someone will be doing just that. I also feel the SkipVerication=true attribute is an unnecessarily user security risk < especially if it is currently set because your code won’t run without it - (but do check if this can be set to false and debug further if needed) this setting allows for unsafe code execution and because of that I could only recommend this is used in a sanboxed or vm environment (which I note you do suggest to do this already).

    I know you asked for me to be fair and I feel that I am being fair, both on yourself and the FTC community in general, although I am open to taking on board your response to this message that may alleviate my above concerns.

    I look forward to your reply,




    [b]Stephan’s reply:[/b]

    [quote author=haasonline link=action=profile;u=1201 date=1370532595]
    Hi mark,

    The safety warning you see is a backup safety that is normally not visible. Is is a hidden safety to prevent users to enter a higher value to buy and a lower value to sale. I it just a precaution to prevent stupid trades. (you will notice the bot deactivated itself after this message) My best guess is that the rounding is not done properly and therefore the hidden safety kick in. I will look at that because that is a real bug, this should not happen. Especially not for FTC.

    I already added some changes to the next release to support more decimals then i do now. I got a lot of responses about it from the other users. Hopefully this will do, else i will add one more later on. This must solve the trade issues with coins that have a low value like FTC and CNC.

    BTW You can confirm this by looking at the change log on my website. If i get errors or requests i will investigate how much time is needed and then i schedule them.

    BTW the next release is planned for 11th June 2013.

    As i said before i will have a look at the security. I give the application by default a lot of rights. You are right this can be exploited by somebody else. I surely will look into this and try to follow the rules of Microsoft. I did not do this before because i thought that the software should work directly. I wanted to prevent errors from rights. But you are right, i will fully investigate this part. Hopefully i can do this before the next release. I am expecting this will take a while to setup everything properly.

    In the mean time i am mailing with BTCe about a secure SSL -like connection to there exchange. I hope they will implement this so i can improve security even more. (it will be a option, because some people are monitoring the web-traffic i generate, i want to keep supporting them doing this.)

    Please do not be afraid that i do not like you because you are fair. I matter of fact i am really happy with this. People like you that investigate help me directly with improving my software. So please… post your findings on the board. This way everybody can read it and i can respond publicly back. Like this thing with the decimals, that part is really good information for the potential buyer from this form. They may want to want till the next release (or something like that).



    I feel this has got the makings of a brilliant application for any trader, a lot of thought & work has gone into the trading engine already and can only get better from here on in, yes there are bugs, but it is in Beta and Stephan has agreed he will continue development and listen to user feedback, which judging by his latest changelog he is doing. For the time being I do suggest like Stephan has already stated that this is at least ran Sandboxed or in a VM, preferably on a separate HD away from the main OS, obviously once any security issues have been addressed then the end user can be far less paranoid.

    I look forward to the 11th June for the updated release. 😎

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    Is the 0.2 giveback available for FTC forum users as before you posted this on the other forums you seem to have closed the giveback promotion?

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    Thank you very much for your time and testing of my software. I and i guess the entire community are grateful you have did this. I also thank you for being as fair as you can be. Yes, if you are paranoid you better run this software in a sandbox of virtual machine. If you are not then you can install it normally. (remember your firewall and anti-virus to keep running) But like i stated from the beginning, and what has been confirmed again, my software is safe to use.

    Regarding the update… [u]it seems that my software has a decimal to less to make good trades with FTC[/u] (and some other coins) this will result in a error message in the log. I am planning on releasing the update on the 10th or 11th of June 2013. This new release will support a additional decimal making trades with FTC working properly. The people who have bought the software already or the coming days will automatically receive a update of the software by mail. All registered users will always get the latest version.

    Note: I will introduce [u]a additional RSI-60 bot[/u] and a [u]new safety[/u] with the same time of the coming update.

    For the exact changes look here:

    [quote name=“Mogumodz” post=“10129” timestamp=“1370537601”]
    Is the 0.2 giveback available for FTC forum users as before you posted this on the other forums you seem to have closed the giveback promotion?

    For the FTC forum this promotion is still running. I am also running more promotions, you can find them in the link below if you or anybody else is interested.

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    Stephan maybe you should ask for your required translations on the forum stating your reward, I know we have Russian and Chinese members that may be willing to help you. 😎

    Also look closely at the following syntax error I found on your website:

    [b]Review of [u]MarkUK[/u] of the Feathercoin forum[/b] 😉

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    That is good thinking. I will post it there. 🙂

    Oh and i have changed your name on my website. Did you mind i posted it? You did a good review. I am still hoping to be published by other blogs elsewhere.

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    [quote name=“haasonline” post=“10239” timestamp=“1370552711”]
    That is good thinking. I will post it there. 🙂

    Oh and i have changed your name on my website. Did you mind i posted it? You did a good review. I am still hoping to be published by other blogs elsewhere.

    Nah, not at all, it’s all open source what is written in the forum. 😎

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    I just have release a new version of the Haasonline Simple Trade Bot.


    The following changes are made:

    • A new bot has been added, a RSI-60 bot.
    • The trade ratio bot has been updated.
    • The high/log bot can now pre-trade (faster then human trading)
    • A drop safety has been added. This safety ensures a specific drop before a buy is allowed to made.
    • Bot parameters are loaded and safed during startup and shutdown.
    • For the tweakers among us there is a new advanced setting allowing the parameters to be loaded on every update.
    • A new decimal is added for better support inputs values. (5 instead of 4 decimals now)
    • Exception handeling is added.
    • Some other errors and minor changes are done like improving logbook messages.

    Please consult the online change log and online help of the software for more details.

    All registered users will get a email today with the lasted software.

    Please note:
    I did not made all the changes suggested by UKMark. The software still needs full trust, but the unsafe code is now disabled. I hope to make the software more secure for the next update.

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    Yay we can finally use to trade FTC 🙂

    I left running last night and it made it’s first FTC sell, although why did it make it 3pips higher than which I set? eg My Sell set @ 0.00108 - Bot Sold @ 0.0011 - Not that I am complaining as it made me more money 😃

    Also there appears to be a very, very slight bug in the actual trade amount, the figure shown changes from time to time but as you can see it is a big difference…


    But overall this is much, much better as far as being able to trade FTC! Good job! 😎

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    First, thank you for your comments again!

    [quote]My Sell set @ 0.00108 - Bot Sold @ 0.0011[/quote]
    It works as expected. The bot reads the exchange and the current buy and sell values. At the moment the bot have read the values from the exchange the sell price was set to 0.0011 BTC. This price is higher then the values you have given as a parameter (>= 0.00108 BTC) and therefore the trade command is given. The difference between the 2 values is a little extra. I have seen this happen a lot of times during my tests.

    [quote]very, very slight bug in the actual trade amount[/quote]
    This is a little confusing, but it also works as expected. What you see is the effect of the exchange fee and rounding. If you have setup the bot parameters in good relation to the trade amount the FTC amount should go up in time. (if a full trade cycle is completed, 2 trades are required for this)

    Please note:
    I see you have the drop and profit safeties on. Those safeties will only work for the RSI and trade ratio bots, because those bots work with relative values. The high/low bot is working with exact values. I can not apply the saftefies there because they will overrule the buy and sell prices making the high/low bot getting stuck.

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    OK, yes I see what happened with the trade @ 0.0011 now, someone purchased all the way up to that figure, hence the BOT just spotted the higher figure and made the sale = Clever BOT 😃

    All seems good so far, I need to research RSI a bit more and then maybe have a play with those…

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    Hi Stephan back to what I said in my first post today, if you click [b]‘all in’[/b] it is miscalculating the trade amount… I only have 1BTC in this account for testing purposes so where it is getting the 94,000+ FTC trade ammount from I do not know… I can work around this by setting an actual trade amount, but the ‘all in’ option is definitely not working for me. - As you can see I missed a 0.00104 buy because i did not have sufficient funds to cover the amount that seems to be auto-filled in once you click the ‘all in’ button…


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    I will look into it, thank for the report. I think the fee and rounding are the cause for this problem. The value i put into trade amount (on all-in) is the total value from the wallet, converted to the primary exchange (BTC->FTC) and minus the fee. My best guess is that the fee is calculated incorrectly. But again, i have to look into it and run some tests before i can really say something. I will get back on this.

    For now i advice you to use only 90% - 95% of your wallet amount to trade. 0,9 BTC or 0,95 BTC in your case.

    I will put a minor bug report on my change log about this. Thanks again.

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    [quote name=“haasonline” post=“12971” timestamp=“1370955512”]
    I will look into it, thank for the report. I think the fee and rounding are the cause for this problem. The value i put into trade amount (on all-in) is the total value from the wallet, converted to the primary exchange (BTC->FTC) and minus the fee. My best guess is that the fee is calculated incorrectly. But again, i have to look into it and run some tests before i can really say something. I will get back on this.

    For now i advice you to use only 90% - 95% of your wallet amount to trade. 0,9 BTC or 0,95 BTC in your case.

    I will put a minor bug report on my change log about this. Thanks again.

    No problems Stephan, happy to help! 😎

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    sigh, wish I was smart enough to figure this out (stock trading) lol. Looks very promising!
    I’m still at buy low sell high.

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    I will give some bot parameter tips, i hope this will provide a better understanding how the entire software works and what the bot parameters are that i personally use.

    [b]High/low bot[/b]
    I use the high low bot most on stable* currencies. I set it to -10% or -20% of the exchange values.

    [b]RSI-xx bot[/b]
    I use the RSI-xx bot (with profit and drop safeties on) on all currencies; stable*, raising or dropping. If the currency is stable i use equal profit and drop value. If the currency drops i will use a higher drop value and lower profit value. And if the currency raises i will use a higher profit value and lower drop value.

    [b]Trade/ratio bot[/b]
    The trade ratio bot is most effective on big changing currencies. For example currencies that are pumped or currencies that are dropping hard. Again i combine this with the drop and profit safety and i apply the same rules as i did for the RSI-xx bot.

    😉 A stable currency is a currency that changes but remains at the same average value.

    I hope this will help a little. I am still working on a “getting started” document, but i do not have enough time to finish it. It will roughly contain the same information as i have written down here.

    These tips i give here are tested already and they work all pretty good. But like i stated before, you have to get a feeling for the numbers. This is and will remain a learning process.

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    How did everybody do with my advices? I can only guess there are some happy people now.

    I am happy to report that version beta seems to be the best version i have build this far. I have only 1 minor bug reported for now and i got a lot of mails from people who are pleased by the changed i made.

    I can also report that my work on supporting the Vircurex exchange is doing well. This will be the major update i am working on right now. But prototype tests seems to work properly here. I am trying to include the support in the same simple bot which i now use for the BTCe exchange. This way i can make 1 piece of software and make it work for multiple exchanges at the same time. (current users will be updated as normal when the support for vircurex has been added and tested)

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    I’m a newby in trading and just for 2 months mining with a rig 3x7950.
    First only LTC, but since a week also FTC. And now i’m mining different coins it’s harder to keep track of the market rate.
    Also I find lots of times when I want to trade I just missed the high values and a huge mountain in BTC was just an hour before I logged in.

    So I can use some help trading in my mined coins, and at the same time start trading a bit more.
    I made the payment en received the link with the download soon after.

    The first thing I did was to submit the file to [b]47 anti-virus programs![/b]
    [i]The results are:[/i] [b]ZERO findings[/b] (see screenshot)
    [color=blue]And the link to the virus check result: [u][url=http://goo.gl/MI9Sa]http://goo.gl/MI9Sa[/url][/u][/color]

    The install was easy and a reboot was needed after the first extra download/install (I believe it was a NET support download).
    After the reboot A warning that this program was unknown, and could be dangerous. (a standard .NET warning screen).
    After 2 more clicks the program was running.

    I run it in a sandbox so I can monitor its progress with several process watcher tools.

    Until now (+/- running for 1 hour) I have NOT found anything that could be wrong with this program. No virus, No “strange” code or behavior. All is 100% OK!
    I have many tools to find “unwanted” programs, and I let them all go on this one without any negative result.
    I keep monitoring and even saw the first sell/buy go from the program just as it should (Using High/Low for this first test).
    I Need to read the manual again to fully understand all options a bit better. But the program is not that hard to understand and even for a small time beginner like me it can be a great help.
    The High Low is set in a minute and seemed the best option for me until I fully understand the impact of the other options. I will let you know if the other options are difficult to learn and understand in the nearby future.
    But hey… So what… The High Low option is good enough for my needs now, so I think it can only get better?!

    I’ll keep it in a sandbox A few day’s just to see if there is no trigger going to happen later. But this is just me being careful because i have no apparent reason to believe there is such a thing in the program till now.

    [u]One thing I found in the manual:[/u]
    By default the update speed is set to 15 seconds.
    But the program after install gives: 20000 ms
    [i]- Just a small manual change might be needed here.[/i]

    Sorry for my bad English, I’ll keep everybody informed how it goes in the future.

    And just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: I am in no way connected to the makers of this program.

    Happy Mining/Trading all,

    John V

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    Thank you for your review. Please submit the software to all the tests you like you and keep on posting your findings! 😎

    Maybe you did not read this but i am (still) running a kind of promotion here. It is written down at the topic start. I give the people who buy my software a rebate of 0.2 BTC if they confirm there purchase here. In your case you did a lot more then that, but still i want to offer you the 0.2 BTC rebate for your “confirmation on purchase”. 🙂

    If you would PM me your wallet adres i can send you the rebate.