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Haasonline Simple Trade Bot for Bitstamp and BTC-e \[Main topic\]

  • | Tip basscleff

    sigh, wish I was smart enough to figure this out (stock trading) lol. Looks very promising!
    I’m still at buy low sell high.

  • | Tip haasonline

    I will give some bot parameter tips, i hope this will provide a better understanding how the entire software works and what the bot parameters are that i personally use.

    [b]High/low bot[/b]
    I use the high low bot most on stable* currencies. I set it to -10% or -20% of the exchange values.

    [b]RSI-xx bot[/b]
    I use the RSI-xx bot (with profit and drop safeties on) on all currencies; stable*, raising or dropping. If the currency is stable i use equal profit and drop value. If the currency drops i will use a higher drop value and lower profit value. And if the currency raises i will use a higher profit value and lower drop value.

    [b]Trade/ratio bot[/b]
    The trade ratio bot is most effective on big changing currencies. For example currencies that are pumped or currencies that are dropping hard. Again i combine this with the drop and profit safety and i apply the same rules as i did for the RSI-xx bot.

    😉 A stable currency is a currency that changes but remains at the same average value.

    I hope this will help a little. I am still working on a “getting started” document, but i do not have enough time to finish it. It will roughly contain the same information as i have written down here.

    These tips i give here are tested already and they work all pretty good. But like i stated before, you have to get a feeling for the numbers. This is and will remain a learning process.

  • | Tip haasonline

    How did everybody do with my advices? I can only guess there are some happy people now.

    I am happy to report that version beta seems to be the best version i have build this far. I have only 1 minor bug reported for now and i got a lot of mails from people who are pleased by the changed i made.

    I can also report that my work on supporting the Vircurex exchange is doing well. This will be the major update i am working on right now. But prototype tests seems to work properly here. I am trying to include the support in the same simple bot which i now use for the BTCe exchange. This way i can make 1 piece of software and make it work for multiple exchanges at the same time. (current users will be updated as normal when the support for vircurex has been added and tested)

  • | Tip Duke

    I’m a newby in trading and just for 2 months mining with a rig 3x7950.
    First only LTC, but since a week also FTC. And now i’m mining different coins it’s harder to keep track of the market rate.
    Also I find lots of times when I want to trade I just missed the high values and a huge mountain in BTC was just an hour before I logged in.

    So I can use some help trading in my mined coins, and at the same time start trading a bit more.
    I made the payment en received the link with the download soon after.

    The first thing I did was to submit the file to [b]47 anti-virus programs![/b]
    [i]The results are:[/i] [b]ZERO findings[/b] (see screenshot)
    [color=blue]And the link to the virus check result: [u][url=http://goo.gl/MI9Sa]http://goo.gl/MI9Sa[/url][/u][/color]

    The install was easy and a reboot was needed after the first extra download/install (I believe it was a NET support download).
    After the reboot A warning that this program was unknown, and could be dangerous. (a standard .NET warning screen).
    After 2 more clicks the program was running.

    I run it in a sandbox so I can monitor its progress with several process watcher tools.

    Until now (+/- running for 1 hour) I have NOT found anything that could be wrong with this program. No virus, No “strange” code or behavior. All is 100% OK!
    I have many tools to find “unwanted” programs, and I let them all go on this one without any negative result.
    I keep monitoring and even saw the first sell/buy go from the program just as it should (Using High/Low for this first test).
    I Need to read the manual again to fully understand all options a bit better. But the program is not that hard to understand and even for a small time beginner like me it can be a great help.
    The High Low is set in a minute and seemed the best option for me until I fully understand the impact of the other options. I will let you know if the other options are difficult to learn and understand in the nearby future.
    But hey… So what… The High Low option is good enough for my needs now, so I think it can only get better?!

    I’ll keep it in a sandbox A few day’s just to see if there is no trigger going to happen later. But this is just me being careful because i have no apparent reason to believe there is such a thing in the program till now.

    [u]One thing I found in the manual:[/u]
    By default the update speed is set to 15 seconds.
    But the program after install gives: 20000 ms
    [i]- Just a small manual change might be needed here.[/i]

    Sorry for my bad English, I’ll keep everybody informed how it goes in the future.

    And just to make sure there is no misunderstanding: I am in no way connected to the makers of this program.

    Happy Mining/Trading all,

    John V

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  • | Tip haasonline

    Thank you for your review. Please submit the software to all the tests you like you and keep on posting your findings! 😎

    Maybe you did not read this but i am (still) running a kind of promotion here. It is written down at the topic start. I give the people who buy my software a rebate of 0.2 BTC if they confirm there purchase here. In your case you did a lot more then that, but still i want to offer you the 0.2 BTC rebate for your “confirmation on purchase”. 🙂

    If you would PM me your wallet adres i can send you the rebate.

  • | Tip Duke

    [quote name=“haasonline” post=“13809” timestamp=“1371068702”]
    If you would PM me your wallet adres i can send you the rebate.
    Thank you.

    And going on… I like to make 2 suggestions.
    The one first big ting i really miss is some sort of popup hints.
    When you put your mouse over a field, then some sort of popup with info what that field does or other hints will be greatly appreciated.
    For example the “Block trade” setting; There is already a number filled in there, but where is it based on? Some sort of popup telling what it does and why this value is chosen might answer a lot of questions newby’s like myself have.

    I find myself asking a lot of questions while using this program for the first time.
    And what i miss in the help file (unless I missed it somehow on the website?) is some sort of "What If…"
    What if… I run more bots active at the same time? Does one have priority over the other? Do they conflict? etc.
    What if… I don’t have enough cash and the bot try’s to buy?
    What if… I make a mistake and put the Sell price BELOW the buy price, will the program protect me from doing that?
    So a sort of FAQ or “What If” is the suggestion I want to make for your website/program.

    A great help was the included link to the RSI calculation website.
    After reading the help file again with the link to RSI calculation (a must read for all users I think), I now understand the RSI options a lot better.

    So did this improve my live? I find myself not staring at the BTC-e site now, but all the time staring at this program and logfile ::)
    But soon I will get more trust in this program and get some sleep while trading goes on. So yes… Live will improve 😉

    — edit ----
    As promised I received the 0.2 btc rebate in my wallet. Proof: [url=http://goo.gl/kFOFu][u]http://goo.gl/kFOFu[/u][/url]
    — end edit —

  • | Tip basscleff

    looks very promising. I intend to purchase - just building up funds the old fashioned way.
    Do you have an affiliate program in mind?

    I am seriously thinking about building a noob FTC (crypto info) website and would like to include your software as one of the main items on the site for those wanting to delve into crypto currency.

  • | Tip haasonline

    I did no think of a affiliate program yet, but that might be a great idea. Give me a few days to talk this over with some people and maybe we can work something out.

    Edit: Yes, we will support a affiliate program. We are working out the details right now.

    And we are online now with the affiliate -concept. I can only hope it will boost the publicity and sales.
    We are offering a pay-per-sale concept with a earning of 10% of the sales price. You can read the details in the following link.


    I will personally handle all payments and manage the request to a reference code.

    PS Please use the contact form at my website to get in touch with me and to become a affiliate.

  • | Tip alwind


    I just ordered it today at 9:46 AM (gmt+1 time) and recieved the program the same day.

    Running it on a VMware sandbox because i’m an osx user and its a windows program. It works great for me this way.


  • | Tip haasonline

    I have closed the promotion here. Thanks for all the messages and confirmations everybody!

  • | Tip haasonline

    Yesterday i have released the new version of the Simple Trade Bot. I am now at version Beta. This version solves a few bugs i got back the past week. All the registered users have got a mail from me with instructions how to upgrade to the new version.

    For full details about the changes please to to the change log of the Simple Trade Bot on my website.

    I also released some new pages for the help (not all yet), they can also be found at my website, at the help of the software. I guess the most intresting page i have published in my help is about setting good bot parameters. I have shown some little tricks and tweaks there what you can do to find some good parameters to use.

    I hope this version will provide everybody with more profits then the previous version i released.

    Please use my new support ticket system at my website in case you encounter a bug or problem. I am moving from the simplebot -email to the usage of the support ticket system.

    Happy coin earning everybody!

  • | Tip haasonline

    The first of the bigger reviews of the software has been posted at www.gigabytestorm.com (http://tinyurl.com/pbe4eue)

    And i have updated the help of the bot at my website.

  • | Tip sl1982

    Just bought this to test it out. Any idea how long the turnaround time from you fully confirming the payment and me getting the download link?

    edit: I got it. Also you need to look at the formatting on your help page. A lot of the text is cut off.

  • Regular Member | Tip Markus11

    Your bot looks great, may i ask because you offer your bot in a specific cryptocurrency forum, why you dont accept this specific coin for payment for your software, ftc for example?
    [b]I would buy the bot but only with FTC, thats why im here to support and stronger the currency by USING it![/b]

  • | Tip haasonline

    I want to support more currencies as payment. I really do, but as far as i know there is no plugin available for it in Wordpress and i do not have the time to create one.

    And i offer the software here because this kind of software would help stabilize a currency in the end. FTC as a coin benefits from it.

    I have seen it happening on the help page. I reformatted the page so everything is visible at once.

  • | Tip sl1982

    Suggestion: Have the bot have an auto mode that will recover from an unexpected reboot with the previous buy/sell and rsi data stored somewhere so it can automatically start trading again.

  • | Tip haasonline

    The last buy ans sell settings are saved as soon at the form closes. So on a reboot it should be saved. However, i guess you will also like the update i have placed online the weekend. On that new release you can set the last buy and sell values manually.

    These are the changes i have implemented into the new release:

    • Support for Bitstamp has been added
    • Support multiple-language has been added (now supporting English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish) (German and Italian is coming too)
    • The entire form is now re-sizable
    • The last buy and sell values can be set manually now.

    For more changes i have made, please consult the change log.

    The next update will come soon after this update, this is because i am adding more languages to the software. I will use the same procedure, all users will be notified about this.

    Next on my list is the comaing Command Line Trade Bot. This bot is a new trade bot, it provides the users a interface on the command prompt and using a local webserver so the users can build there own trade logic and send buy and sell signals to the exchange. This bot is now in Alpha stage and is being tested. In the mean time i am working on examples/templates in Excel and PHP to how how you can attach your logic to this bot. (btw a new topic will be started this month to discuss this bot)

    I just have released the Command Line Trade Bot. This new type of trade bot is designed especially for tweakers who want to build there own trade logic into Excel or PHP or something similar. Please visit the topic i have started here to get some more information about this bot:

  • | Tip haasonline

    How about adding some graphs to the Simple Trade Bot? Well i can tell already they are coming! As soon as we hit version 0.9 beta they will be in the Simple Trade Bot. And if you think this is it… just wait because more is coming up. I am planning a lot of new features to this coming version. And i am not only talking about the SMA/MACD indicator… 😉

    As usual i will update all the existing users to this new version as soon as it has been released. You do not have to ask, you will be notified as usual by mail.

    By the way: In the time between version 0.9 and now i will do a minor update to the Simple Trade Bot. This is for supporting more languages.

  • | Tip edgie13

    Hi all,

    I’m using version The RSI bots seem to be buying high and selling low. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks.

  • | Tip haasonline

    [quote name=“edgie13” post=“31225” timestamp=“1381776446”]
    Hi all,
    I’m using version The RSI bots seem to be buying high and selling low. Anybody else have this issue? Thanks.

    Update to the latest version and you can better understand what is happening. The graphs will explain it all in the benchmark.