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Feathercoin 2019 the plan?

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    Lets have the new year give FTC a renewed interest, thankfully some very good people have been ticking it along. Now time for the rest of the community to stepup to the mark.

    Feathercoin deserves a much higher positioning in the current crypto community, we are talking what use to be a top 5 coin, in a era before ICOs and 100001 scamcoins. Lets work to position it where it deserves.

    Whos in? Ideas?

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    I agree completely, so much scammy shit out there these days. Coinmarketcap even listing tether now as tho it were a crypto and adding it into market totals. I have nothing against tether, it serves a function, but its not a crypto by any stretch of the imagination. I think the new plan to try and kill decentralization is by rebranding stablecoins as cryptocurrencies. Then we can all go on happily trading markers referring to USD run on a centralized database and pretend we’re doing something.

    I’ve thought for years the best way to assert the value of FTC would be to go after atomic swaps in a big way. The coins that can trade decentralized with other coins are going to maintain value best. Of course im not a coder so can’t help with that at all, but i have made donations to FTCs devs in the past and plan to do so again. Probably the best way to make things happen is support the smart people behind the coin and keep them interested.

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    And how can you put in the top 5, what can people do, what are your solutions?

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    @kelsey its great to see you around here again.

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    Hey AcidD, cool you’re still around 🙂

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    @janar said in Feathercoin 2019 the plan?:

    And how can you put in the top 5, what can people do, what are your solutions?

    Well I think once the dust settles many of the 1001 scam projects will die, opportunity then for some of the original coins that still remain strong to rise up the rankings.

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    Keeping on topic.

    Feathercoin needs to get used… in order for it to get used it needs to be accepted where people will use/spend it.

    before we can do any of that I think the team wants to use the cryptowinter to iron issues with the difficulty adjustment algo. EHRC is not really the way forward I dont think…there are better algos out there right now and currently the team are testing some of them.

    once our blocktime is at a stable 1 min regardless of wild hashrate fluctuations, I think we’ll have a better chance of getting accepted as a form of payment.

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    @acidd said in Feathercoin 2019 the plan?:

    HRC is not really the w

    I mentioned on another thread an unrealistic dream i had of dealing with hashrate. its worth mentioning if you really do want something possibly better than ehrc. its unrealistic though as i cant imagine how you implement it.

    instead of using a fluctuating difficulty. just accept the single the best submission any mining address gives you inside of the 1 minute window (maybe make 50 second window so there is time resolve conflicts over the network.) the problem is of course resolving what could be billions of terrible possibly deliberately bad submissions. i could stop that a little by only allowing 1 submission (signed) per wallet. this at least helps the nodes quick throw out noise.(first signed submission for an address is the only one accepted) as to dealing with who wins, i figure there must be a similar mechanism already in place. though it probably hasnt ever had to deal with this much traffic

    with this, difficulty goes away and is something you can see from looking at the winning solutions in the past but has no baring on anything short of a point of interest.

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    @j_scheibel said in Feathercoin 2019 the plan?:

    at the winning solutions in the past bu

    perhaps minor improvement to that might be to broadcast the current best difficulty network wide after 15 seconds then 30 and then 45. again just to cut down submissions and/or help with filtering.