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Freldo Staking Program

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    Freldo proudly announces that starting to doing for FRECNX token holders Staking! We appreciate our users, users who support the Freldo project!
    We would like to give rewards! Exactly 20% per year of the amount that the user holds in the wallet! To start receiving staking, you must send to us the wallet number on which FRECNX is stored. Freldo has a special Staking smart contract that scans all wallets that hold FRECNX and automatically adds a Staking Reward. Users who want to join the Freldo Staking Program, you need to register your wallet, by mail (support freldo) or by Telegram (PM to @juliafreldo).
    You can buy FRECNX through SWFT Blockchain or through BCEX exchange.

    Terms of Freldo Staking:

    1. Transfer your FRECNX tokens to your wallet.
    2. Send your wallet address to support freldo, or PM to @juliafreldo via Telegram.
    3. Hold your token for 3 months, and more, you will get till 20% annually staking rewards!
    4. You will get FRECNX staking rewards, 5% every 3 months.

    The uniqueness of the Freldo Staking Program is: we work with any wallets, but we recommend using those where FRECNX is on the official list!
    Official Freldo Wallets List: MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Metamask, imToken, Ellipal, Magnum Wallet, NOVA Wallet, Buntoy Wallet, Math Wallet, TokenPocket, Tokenary, HB Wallet, Signkeys, Ownbit, Alphawallet, Bitberry, Medooza Wallet, Gnosis Safe, Trust Wallet, Liquality, Coffee Wallet.

    More detail please read on the Medium, official website of the project, and Telegram groups.

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