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Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

New Forum Members - Please Read - Helpful Guides.

  • | Tip Greenmaster

    Hi and thanks for intro, it’s realy helpful.

  • | Tip WhiteRabbit

    Hi there. Im new here

  • | Tip Kirosoloks

    Helpfull ty 🙂

  • | Tip edreamer

    Hello fellow FTC miners and traders,

    I am new to the forum and read the new member stickies, but cannot actually post to the thread that is designated for introducing ourselves. [url=http://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php/topic,132.0.html]http://forum.feathercoin.com/index.php/topic,132.0.html[/url]

    Perhaps this is a known issue and is being resolved, but I just wanted to be able to introduce, so, Hello!
    Right now I am just getting my feet wet with FTC and LTC so I have set up CPUminers for both and joined pools for both crypto currencies.

    Looking forward to getting to know the community.

    Thank you,

  • | Tip Ruthie

    Welcome to all the members that have said hello on this thread 🙂

    Redmayan, there is a guide on the forum on how to buy Feathercoin, sorry I don’t have the link right now, when I have access to my PC I’ll link it in 🙂

    Hope to see you all around 🙂

  • | Tip dashad13

    Hi, i’m new here too.
    I hope i can find help for my problem 😉

  • | Tip farnsbattletech

    Hello to all. Very excited about getting started with Feathercoin. New to all this cryptocurrency stuff so it will be an interesting experience.

  • | Tip Monk

    Helllo - new member. Love the “new members introduce yourself here” post with no “reply” function. Is this an animal house haze where one has to figure out how to introduce themselves or they aren’t worthy of Jr Member status? Just label me “Pledge” and send me on my beer run. Well, I am going to do an intro dog-n-pony anyway. I am one of those mass of members who are more interested in the uses of the crypto$ than the mining. I went to one of those bleeding edge tech schools, but was not one of the techie architects - rather the old school kind. So I am accustomed to the culture, but am drawn to it for alternative reasons. I will be taking the plunge on GPU mining in the coming weeks, but just for the experience before I make a final decision about accepting the Bitcoin/Litecoin/Feathercoin trio as a form of payment for goods and services. My professional interest is driven by a darker view of FATCA for the typical global small business specialist. It is reminiscent of my personal experience with the similar soviet school of thought in the 80’s and I suspect buying crypto$ is more powerful a political statement than donating to ANY political campain. I know there are more than a few out there with similar feelings and that they are driving the exchange market depth. (someone has to be the buyer right?) Well, that is me in a nut-shell. So when in a nutshell, do what nuts do, right? Ps: as i am not just a wanna-be-noob but a real noob with an advanced case of paranoia… a simple pinned post that says here is the official wallet and a step by step on how to download, launch and how to follow armory’s model of using an offnet clean computer to create and store private keys and generate paranoia approved paper wallets would be great.

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    [quote name=“Reideth” post=“44008” timestamp=“1386978521”]

    Hello, welcome to the forums.

  • | Tip myksta

    I’m new to this, I gotta start mining.

  • | Tip mower

    hello al a new member here…

  • | Tip justgeig

    Hi 🙂 I’m here to do what little I can to work towards a universally recognized non-fiat currency … and because my hardware can handle the current difficulty of Feathercoin 🙂 I’ve since dug into what Feathercoin is all about and that’s why I’m joining the forum.

    Little about me…I’m a small business level IT manager and graphic artist/design enthusiast.

  • | Tip Ruthie

    hello all and welcome to the feathercoin community 🙂

    nice to see new miners joining too, thanks for your support 😉

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  • | Tip Mvaporis1961

    Hi all im new here and located in Sydney NSW
    so any tips and advice would be much appreciated


  • | Tip tzgame

    Great. I’ll learn to mine.

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    [quote name=“Mvaporis1961” post=“46719” timestamp=“1387658623”]
    so any tips and advice would be much appreciated

    My tip would be to do as much reading as humanly possible and join in with the community!

  • | Tip periklis

    Hi all,

    I am also a new member and would like to say Hi to everyone.

    Looking forward to reading through the posts

    All the best,

  • | Tip thrassos

    Hello all

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