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Feathercoin Sniffer

  • Regular Member | Tip mharrison

    I have been working on some projects and I would like to release a python script that I have modified to “sniff” the Feathercoin network. I modified this script to perform a HTTP GET or execute an application when an TX has been received.

    At this time all blocks that are coming in is registering as invalid. I have not looked into that section as I was only interested in the TX section. If there is interest in knowing if there is a valid block I will look at it.

    To modify to execute an app or and HTTP GET, modify the type setting in the settings object.

    I thought I would post this to let others know that I have modified this to work for Feathercoin. If this will be useful in your projects, use away.


  • Regular Member | Tip zerodrama


    mind if i take it over to github?

  • Regular Member | Tip Pryderi

    Wow mharrison, thanks for all the effort once again!

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Let us know the Github links

  • Regular Member | Tip mharrison

    [quote name=“zerodrama” post=“51132” timestamp=“1389327264”]

    mind if i take it over to github?

    Go ahead. I have several private projects on Bitbucket, it is just habit to go there and create the repository there.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    I’ve imported the ftc Sniffer project from bitbucket into Github, so it is public and anyone can see and use the code.


    ftc Sniffer is a Python script based on an early version of jgarzik / pynode ( https://github.com/jgarzik/pynode ) that connects to any node on the Feathercoin Network and trigger the following events:

    new_block_event(block): Triggered when a Block is found
    new_tx_event(tx): Triggered when a Transactions is found

    The purpose of ftc Sniffer is to add an easy way to listen to Feathercoin Network events and facilitate extensions without having to alter any Feathercoind’s code, making it easy to upgrade you Feathercoind node without having to rewrite your extensions.

    IMPORTANT: ftc Sniffer doesn’t do any validation, it just trust the node it connects for that, so if you use it on production, make sure you connect to a node you trust.

  • Regular Member | Tip AmDD


    One of the things that brought me to FTC and has kept me here are the little projects like this. There are so many cool things that have been done or dreamed up in this community!

    I wish I was more of a dev to really be able to understand and build from this.


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