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Trading Platforms?

  • | Tip null

    Are there any trading platforms in the works that supports ftc/btc and ftc/usd? I mean it would be nice to have a multi platform (windows, mac osx, ios, android) feathercoin trading platform with detailed charts and graphs (EMA, MACD, CANDLES, etc.) and live trading. Hopefully something is in the works.

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    Last I checked there’s many trading platforms that support multiple exchanges.

    There’s just a shortage of trading platforms that support exchanges that support FTC. So the question (I think) you should be asking is are there any trading platforms that support Cryptsy, BTC-e, Crypto-trade, etc.

    SierraChart supports Mt.Gox, BitStamp, BTC-e, and BTC China, and comes pretty highly recommended: [url=http://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?l=doc/Bitcoin.php]http://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?l=doc/Bitcoin.php[/url]

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