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Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

[DEV] Mobile Android and iPhone wallet app application Developments

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    Thanks for the clarification 🙂

    I’m no experienced Android programmer, in fact I started it last week to fix the Android wallet problem.

    I have released an App called Feathercoin Wallet 2 on playstore, which is the original Feathercoin wallet for Android plus the fix for the connectivity problem.

    It should be available on playstore later today.

    The sources are on Github: https://github.com/wellenreiter01/feathercoin-wallet-2

    It is agreed with Erik, the Author of the original Feathercoin Wallet for Android, that he takes his version off the playstore and development and support move to us. Erik doesn’t have the bandwidth anymore to support the app.

    Contributors are highly welcomed for development and support of the application.

    Last, but not least:

    I strongly recommend a backup of your private keys or even better to empty your wallet and uninstall the original Feathercoin wallet form Erik, as existing wallet data may be erased during installation!!!

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    I was just wondering if we could make download it from somewhere? the adk file?. I would like to try to test install a compiled version?

    Wow, great work, I’ll try it at the Playstore.

    I think this is a really interesting project, that we could get community support for. I see a mobile application as essential and I think Bush should consider to make an “official” Git hub, so we can manage and be alert to required changes.

    On the other hand it is a lot to maintain the main network, wallet and protocol, so additional responsibilities should be limited to what is achievable.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    I was just looking to see if the new Feathercoin App had appeared in the playstore. I notice there are some patches to the Android Litecoin App which could be applied.

    The Litecoin App has just been updated by Litecoin Devs.

    I’ll check out the Github later.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    A little problem is, that the litecoin build is not the direct upstream for our build, but Erik’s build is. This means there is no easy and direct way to pull the upstream changes into our version.

    I don’t know, if there is an easy way to pull changes from the litecoin build, which is the ‘grandfather’ of our build.

    May be, someone very familiar with github can suggest what to do here

  • | Tip Ilocans

    I was wondering:

    should we rework the wallet and not have a clone of the litecoin wallet but create our own version ? I don’t want to say anything wrong about the wallet, the one who did it, made a great work but I think it is a little bit obsolete now:

    Google suggest to use android studio not Intellj for the application dev

    Google suggest to use gradle and not maven

    I am not sure whe need anymore actionbarsherlock…

    What do you think ?

  • administrators | Tip MrWyrm

    It works.

  • Regular Member | Tip xonar

    It’s work.

    In few second it’s connected to 3 peers.

    Thank you very much for support.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    I was wondering:
    should we rework the wallet and not have a clone of the litecoin wallet but create our own version ? I don’t want to say anything wrong about the wallet, the one who did it, made a great work but I think it is a little bit obsolete now:
    Google suggest to use android studio not Intellj for the application dev
    Google suggest to use gradle and not maven
    I am not sure whe need anymore actionbarsherlock…

    What do you think ?

    Well, as feathercoin is based on Litecoin, it can be an advantage that we can just pull fixes through the github chain.
    If we create a totally independent wallet, we may ending up to duplicate work, as we may have to implement the same fixes as the litecoin devs, but can’t use their solution easily.

    Also, the wallet is only the frontend and as long as it is using feathercoinj, there shouln’t be too many fixes needed.

    My personal opinion is to keep the wallet as it is.

    A workaround to get the possibility to pull changes from the litecoin wallet directly is to create our own fork of thelitecoin wallet and copy all files of our current version into that fork.

    This would enable us to pull changes from the litecoin trunk directly.

    On the other hand copy/paste is also not a really big problem 😉

  • | Tip Oded


    My wallet doesn’t sync. It shows 3 weeks behaid but in last two days i left it open and still 3 weeks.

    what can I do?

    I want to put something in the market and without the wallet it’s a problem.


  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    HI Oded,

    Which wallet is not syncing?


  • | Tip Oded

    Hi uncle_muddy,

    The android wallet.


  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    Before you do anything export your keys using the “Backup Keys” option, within the wallet app.

    Un-install the application from your device, using the settings menu on the device and then go back to the play store and install “Featehrcoin Wallet 2” once you have installed that, you should be able to sync without any problems, I have tested it on about 5 devices now and no problems as yet. Make sure you leave your device connected to the power as without it the sync will get interrupted.

    Once the sync is complete you can go and import your keys again from the “Backup Keys” option within the wallet app.

  • | Tip Oded

    It’s work.

    Thank you.

    Prodact on thw way to the market 🙂

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    Glad it’s working for you now. I’ll try and get some instructions written up properly at some point over the next couple of days but I’m a bit busy at the moment

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    Been doing some more testing with this today…

    What have we done to the QRCode scanner? it’s very near unusable compared with the old version, from what I can make out the old version of the wallet used to call in a barcode scanner app and then return the result to the wallet, it now looks like the barcode scanner is built into the wallet app.

    The scan box on the screen is way to small if this is the case, as I really struggle to scan a code that is 210x210 pixels, where as the old barcode app scans it really quickly and returns the correct answer.

    I need to understand whats going on here if possible please, as this will effect a project I’m working on massively


  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    Not sure which old version of the wallet you are refering to??? 😞

    I simply took the latest version created by hank from the github repository, changed two lines to fix the connectivity problem, changed the Android ID and pathes to avoid conflicts with hank’s version in playstore, created the package and uploaded it to playstore.

    I can test on a tablet only, and it was no problem to scan qr codes with the tablet or get the tablet’s wallet qr-code scanned with a phone…

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    The original version from the playstore, when you tried to scan a QRcode it used to say you needed a barcode scanner app for this function to work.

    I’m testing on a Sony Z if I remove the barcode app and go to the new version of the wallet it doesn’t ask for the barcode app anymore it just launches some form of scanner it’s self, but the focus part of the screen is tiny, and has great difficulty focusing on a barcode generated on a screen I have here.

    I have just tested it using a QR generated directly from Feathercoin-qt on my mac and that works fine, maybe I need to lower the bit count in the barcode I’m generating here to allow it to focus better. I’ll give it a go and get back to you.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    I will be great to get some development done on the mobile wallet. I’ve made a list of a few bugs, and will be interested to learn more on Github to supply some patches.

    Wellenreiter has basically done the work to get the new version out, there are a lot of quick fixes that can be done already by patching the Litecoin updates.

    It’s a great way to get into development via the mobile application, because of the limitations of the mobile system, everything is split into manageable functions.

    As with all development projects, notes, updates or discussions should then be raised as issues on Github so a fix or update can be developed.

    Anyone can offer a patch, it will be the Github controllers (in this case Wellenreiter) job to apply those patches officially, ie. a mostly, managerial / strategic role.

    At this stage of development it is not Rocket science any more. Bug fixing / fine tuning / updating software is more about engineering or artistic knowledge.

    The specialised area of interface design, functionality flow etc is already done.


  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    I have lowered the bit count on the QRcode here and that has made the scanning work a lot better.

    It might be worth noting thou that something that used to work with version 20 QRCodes no longer does, but dropping back down to a version 10 QRCode fixes the problem, for what I’m doing version 10 is plenty as as you get 174 char with more error correcting than I can throw a stick at.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    We need a separate to create a "Modes of “Failure and fixes for Mobile Applications” in the “Support Thread”, and Add the QR code info.

    I created those guides to compile all the fixes that had been done in support (and some extra from Litecoin etc) so that member could usually find the answer or support staff had an easy place to go to, when addressing a members issue.

    The QR fault should then be raised as an issue on Github, so those are noted and in the development plan for investigation. Individual projects can be done by a member or developed in a post thread in Technical Developments.

    It is important that all changes are public in order to take members along with them. The developers do not control the distributed system, if miners do not upgrade that can cause 2 or more splits in the Blockchain, or Hard Forks, so called because they are bad.

    Also, it can be disheartening to Developers to note bugs, but I as support love it. Those bugs are work, but they are also fixable things that make progress and get everyone up to speed. The more testing and slight improvements to fine tune the application the better. Even, and especially, if we end up posting those upstream.

    Feathercoin can not be about fundamental changes to the protocol it must be about fine tuning the open source tools. Gradual, small improvements can achieve that.

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