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[DEV] Mobile Android and iPhone wallet app application Developments

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    I always use windows 🙂 . OK , Let us check what happened in Wellenreiter’s code world .

    Wellenreiter give a wallet.apk, It’s very good and work right. I use it sync all block. so I git his codes from github. then I spent two weeks to set up project with great Eclipse.

    Now , I build feathercoinj.jar and wallet.apk , Unfortunately wallet can not work. It cann’t sync data.

    This is my feathercoinj project in eclipse. I set it as android project . I build neoscrypt’s JNI code successful ,make libneoscrypt.so right. final I export it as feathercoinj.jar .


    OK , I start step two. Set up wallet project, It is android project too and add feathercoinj.jar into jar’s build path. copy libneoscrypt.so and libscrypt.so into libs directory . I can start it in VM and export it as APK. I can make a wallet.apk.


    Why my android wallet can not work ?

    1. I think Wellenreiter’s code is right at least on his local computer, Because he gave me a new wallet.apk and It work right in my telephone.

    2. There are 2 possible mistakes.

    1. Some codes still are in Wellenreiter’s local computer ,not git push.

    2. Some project’s setting are mistakes. unzip Wellenreiter’s wallet.apk , I don’t find lib\libneoscrypt.so , only libscrypt.so is in here.

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    I’ve checked, and according to ‘git status’ the files on my pc and the files on github are in sync.

    I also checked my .gitignore and I load everything, but my project settings and the c- libraries to github.

    For my environment:

    I use Android Studio as development environment, which is a plugin to eclipse.

    Initially I simply imported the original maven project into android studio, but did not convert it to graddle.

    It took me weeks to get the dependencies and libraries used to compile the wallet right, so I try not to touch my settings anymore.

    Next step for me is to install the development environment on another computer, clone the repository from github and tr to get an apk compiled.

    When this is done I will update the readme file on github to reflect that setup, as maven doesn’t work for the project anymore.