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Unichange.me - buy/sell/exchange Bitcoin, BTC-e USD, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, PayPal, Paxum

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    Dear forum members!

    You are most welcome to carry out the exchange of your Bitcoin with Unichange!
    We guarantee to provide you with the best service and excellent conditions for exchange.

    Making your exchange with Unichange.me you get:

    ☑️ variety of exchange directions
    ☑️ high operation speed

    Place your order here and run your exchange at most reasonable fees:

    BTC-PM USD — 0%
    BTC-FP USD — 0%

    BTC-CUP CNY — 1.9%
    BTC-Alipay CNY — 1.9%

    Use the best opportunity to fund your e-currency accounts with us!
    Start your long lasting cooperation with Unichange.me!

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    Greetings to all forum members!

    Unichange hastens to inform you about China UnionPay CNY replenished reserves on our service!

    We are offering 1.9% fee to provide you with the best opportunity to top up your account in CNY.

    To fund your CUP account, please follow the link.

    But, dear customer, do not limit yourself to choosing only one exchange direction as we’ve prepared the diversity of options for you!
    Rush to use available option placing your order on Unichange here.

    If you have any additional questions or there is anything we can assist you with, we are always at your service.

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    Dear forum visitors!

    Unichange team is happy to announce that we have special offer for clients who are interested in buying Perfect Money USD.

    Current fee for the exchange direction “Bitcoin to Perfect Money USD” is 0% only!

    Moreover, orders for this exchange direction are completed automatically straight after your Bitcoin is sold.

    Hurry to take advantage of our high reserves here.

    If you have any questions or require assistance, please let us know.​

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    I think this will help a lot of Unichange members to buy and sell bitcoins. User friendly and simple to use.

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    @icoedge said in Unichange.me - buy/sell/exchange Bitcoin, BTC-e USD, Perfect Money, OkPay, FasaPay, PayPal, Paxum:

    I think this will help a lot of Unichange members to buy and sell bitcoins. User friendly and simple to use.

    Hello ICOedge!

    Thank you for your kind consideration.
    Should you have any questions or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Today’s choice of exchangers is so varied that it’s not so easy to stop and make your certain decision which one to choose.
    And we truly well understand your confusion!

    Unichange team guarantees you that by choosing us, you can surely rely on a quality and well-timed service provided by an experienced team:

    ☑️ we are a reliable tech platform chosen by thousands of customers throughout the world;
    ☑️ we are delighted to work with various business partners to offer the widest choice of exchange options to our customers;
    ☑️ we value safety as your priority, thus all your transactions are safeguarded by SSL secure connection;
    ☑️ we appreciate your time and business, so we try to minimize the time necessary to complete the transactions;
    ☑️ we strive to make exchange services less costly, so we are permanently looking for the best rates for our customers to offer;
    ☑️ we endeavor to deliver the best customer service to every customer to make your exchange experience smooth and carefree.

    We will be glad to see you as our customer! You can be totally sure that all your transactions made on Unichange will be secure, accurate and most beneficial to you.

    It’s the right time to finally decide and place your first order here.

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    Dear Unichange.me customers,

    We have wonderful news to share with you!

    Oriented on your demand, we have now launched exchange directions with Litecoin on our service.

    Check, the following directions are already available:

    Litecoin to Alipay CNY
    Litecoin to China UnionPay CNY
    Litecoin to Perfect Money USD/EUR
    Litecoin to FasaPay USD/IDR
    Litecoin to PayPal USD

    Perfect Money USD/EUR to Litecoin
    FasaPay USD/IDR to Litecoin

    Unichange.me is at your service to process your orders in a fast and secure way.

    Place your orders and enjoy the results of your successful exchange with us!

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    Welcome Ethereum withdrawal options on Unichange.me!

    Ethereum is now launched and already available on our service.

    The following exchange directions can yet now be used for Ethereum withdrawal:

    Perfect Money USD to Ethereum
    Perfect Money EUR to Ethereum

    FasaPay USD to Ethereum
    FasaPay IDR to Ethereum

    Unichange.me team is looking forward for your orders on our service.

    Test new options and believe that there are even more opportunities waiting for you ahead!

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    Dear friends!

    It’s time to welcome November - a great time for investments and profitable purchases.

    Unichange.me hastens to supply you with “hot” deals to run your exchanges this autumn!

    Our Perfect Money reserves were replenished!

    Fees to buy Perfect Money on our service were decreased!

    Bitcoin to Perfect Money USD - 0%
    Litecoin to Perfect Money USD - 0%
    FasaPay USD to Perfect Money USD - 0.5%

    Rush to place your order and get the maximum within the shortest time!

    If you need larger amount than it is available on our website, please contact us via e-mail or Live Chat, so that we can reserve required amount for you.

    Looking forward to processing your orders with us!

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    The biggest sales date is fast approaching

    We assume that you are already ready to meet Black Friday Offer from Unichange.me in partnership with Perfect Money!

    Only November 23, 2018 a single qualifying order of USD 500 and more to exchange Bitcoin to Perfect Money will get 1% additional bonus.

    Benefit from your order and get your PLUS bonus

    Find your Black Friday deal on Unichange.me.

    See you on the 23d! Hope you get your pockets full of PM!

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