Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

[Dev] Release Candidate Feathercoin - Check List

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    currently getting these errors

    Making all in test
    make[3]: Entering directory '/home/aciddude/FTC0932/Feathercoin/src/test'
    make  all-am
    make[4]: Entering directory '/home/aciddude/FTC0932/Feathercoin/src/test'
      CXX      test_bitcoin-base58_tests.o
    base58_tests.cpp: In member function ‘void base58_tests::base58_keys_valid_gen::test_method()’:
    base58_tests.cpp:213:79: error: no matching function for call to ‘CBitcoinSecret::SetSecret(std::vector<unsigned char>::iterator, std::vector<unsigned char>::iterator, bool&)’
                 key.SetSecret(exp_payload.begin(), exp_payload.end(), isCompressed);
    In file included from base58_tests.cpp:5:0:
    ../../src/base58.h:131:10: note: candidate: void CBitcoinSecret::SetSecret(const CSecret&, bool)
         void SetSecret(const CSecret& vchSecret, bool fCompressed);
    ../../src/base58.h:131:10: note:   candidate expects 2 arguments, 3 provided
    base58_tests.cpp:216:34: error: no matching function for call to ‘CBitcoinSecret::SetPrivKey(CBitcoinSecret&)’
    In file included from base58_tests.cpp:5:0:
    ../../src/base58.h:140:10: note: candidate: void CBitcoinSecret::SetPrivKey(const CPrivKey&)
         void SetPrivKey(const CPrivKey& vchPrivKey);
    ../../src/base58.h:140:10: note:   no known conversion for argument 1 from ‘CBitcoinSecret’ to ‘const CPrivKey& {aka const std::vector<unsigned char, secure_allocator<unsigned char> >&}’
    In file included from /usr/include/boost/test/unit_test.hpp:19:0,
                     from base58_tests.cpp:19:

    I feel like am just missing an #Include…

    also check out this

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    @Lizhi @Wellenreiter @Bushstar

    Re: Testing / Wallet Guide creation.

    What is the current Minimum payment level and where /how is it set on release?
    What is the current Dust fee level and where / how is it set on release?

    How the transition from Litecoin to Bitcoin base effected minimum payments as each has its own system and FTC had a modified version for 0.8.7.x and 0.6.x series?

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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve managed to fix the base58 test. you can see all my commits, here:

    I did a few of them on different days.

    currently the following tests are passing:

    CXX test_bitcoin-alert_tests.o
    CXX test_bitcoin-allocator_tests.o
    CXX test_bitcoin-base32_tests.o
    CXX test_bitcoin-base58_tests.o
    CXX test_bitcoin-base64_tests.o
    CXX test_bitcoin-bignum_tests.o

    the next test that fails is


    it fails with these errors:

    make[4]: Entering directory '/home/aciddude/FTCNEW/Feathercoin/src/test'
      CXX      test_bitcoin-bloom_tests.o
    bloom_tests.cpp: In member function ‘void bloom_tests::bloom_create_insert_key::test_method()’:
    bloom_tests.cpp:84:26: error: ‘class CBitcoinSecret’ has no member named ‘GetKey’
         CKey key = vchSecret.GetKey();
    In file included from ../../src/base58.h:18:0,
                     from bloom_tests.cpp:7:
    ../../src/key.h:76:20: error: ‘unsigned char* CPubKey::begin()’ is private
         unsigned char *begin() {
    bloom_tests.cpp:86:50: error: within this context
         vector<unsigned char> vchPubKey(pubkey.begin(), pubkey.end());
    bloom_tests.cpp:86:65: error: no matching function for call to ‘std::vector<unsigned char>::vector(unsigned char*, const unsigned char*)’
         vector<unsigned char> vchPubKey(pubkey.begin(), pubkey.end());

    most of this seems to involve the CKey class in key.h as well as stuff in base58.h

    it’s also claiming the CPubKey begin (method?) is private …but from what I can see in key.h it’s public…I could also be blind.

    anyone who wants to replicate or help can just make the changes I did (you can see my commits in the above link)

    or clone and build this

    I’ve included all the recent fixes @Wellenreiter , @lizhi and @wrapper have done.

    it seems the main reason for the tests failing is they need to be updated when there is any code changes, to reflect the names of new variables as well as the way things like keys are now created.
    The remaining warnings are due to type mismatch during “for loops”

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    I’ve fixed the bloom test! below are the tests which are passing.

      CXX      test_bitcoin-alert_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-allocator_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-base32_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-base58_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-base64_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-bignum_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-bloom_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-canonical_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-checkblock_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-Checkpoints_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-compress_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-DoS_tests.o
      CXX      test_bitcoin-getarg_tests.o

    It seems to be more of the same, where i’m just updating how things are done and the names of variables.

    the next test that’s failing is


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  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    Hi Guys,

    the key_tests are now working. I’ll post the fix this evening.

    it passes a few more tests and the next test that’s broken is the multisig_test

  • | Tip lizhi

    I think all test cpp file are bitcoin not feathercoin. When I compile with disable-tests, I don’t think we can use it .

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    I think the auto test system is relevent, or should be. Other coins such as Dogecoin have fixed their tests.

    Do we need to update the test data to make them Feathercoin specific?

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    @lizhi said in [Dev] Release Candidate Feathercoin - Check List:

    I think all test cpp file are bitcoin not feathercoin. When I compile with disable-tests, I don’t think we can use it .

    Yeah I believe so to.

    With some of the tests, it has hard coded strings that I believe relate to Bitcoin, like some hard coded private keys for testing etc. I’m sure those need to be changed to relate to Feathercoin.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    Then we should adapt the tests to feathercoin.
    We could avoid problems like the sync problem we had with, if we have suficient tests coded.
    Tests that we need to have:

    • switch to block version 2
      • select the first 5 or 10 blocks with block version 2 and see if the code accepts the blocks
    • switch from 2.5 minute time to block to 1 Minute time to block
      • select the last 5 blocks bfore the fork and after the fork and check, if the code accepts the blocks
    • switch to neoscrypt
      • select the last 5 blocks bfore the fork and after the fork and check, if the code accepts the blocks

    Probably there are more, but these are important ones and can be done without interaction with other clients.

    in additon we should replace the bitcoin specific tests with the Feathercoin equivalents.

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    A friend of mine who does graphic art is helping do a subtle and “tested with different Desktop Themes” update to the wallet.

    The graduated background image was not tilling well, so we will be testing some alternatives. Here is the first test of white with a blue logo, matching the forum.

    I’ve set him up a development environment and we have now found all the places / images need to be adjusted to try make some improvements …

    We also have also produced a Green alternate that matches the Chinese FTC forum that colour scheme that @Lizhi runs, that he could include in his window builds.

    At the moment the priority is to replace the background screen with a more subtle look.

    We have been discussing ideas such as to use the shadow from the FTC graphics library, and have the Logo as “Water mark”.

    I’ve made a Github, for swapping test images :

    Feathercoin wallet overveiw with White background image & Forum Blue Logo
    White Backgound, Blue Logo

    There is a resource directory with the current graphics files from Feathercoin/src/qt/res/images including any new or possible options.


    Blue Logo

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    Love that new look. It looks cleaner.

    How about have a few colours and have the user pick their fav. The default one should be blue and matching the forum…that matching idea was a great idea.

    If you can use the forum icons in the wallet as well or get an icon set together and use them for both ?

    Exciting time ahead !!!

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    You can find the standard graphics and vector versions here :

    Feathercoin Graphics and Logos : https://www.feathercoin.com/feathercoin-graphic-resources/

    I’ve added a new section to the Wallet guide to point to external features such as graphics :

    Links, External features and further information

    Feathercoin forum : find support


    Feathercoin Block Explorer


    Feathercoin API

    The Feathercoin API is a set of function calls you can make to the Feathercoin server to return the status of various parameters, such as difficult, block height


    Using Feathercoin with other Cryptographic currencies, pchMessageStart

    In most circumstance, alternative currencies coexist on a system by their name and the port they communicate on. When exchanges or pools deal with multiple currencies they can use pchMessageStart to destinguish between them.

    Feathercoin was originally forked from the Litecoin project and shared the same pchMessageStart. in order to identify Feathercoin a second pchMassageStart was added which Feathercoin will use preferentially,if given.

    Feathercoin specific pchMessageStart

    0xfe 0x46 0x54 0x43

    Feathercoin Graphics and Logos


    Feathercoin Merchent tools

    Website Button generator.


    Broadcast Transaction Service

    Feathercoin Broadcast Transaction Service :


    If you wish to accelerate a transaction getting onto the blockchain or it is a stealth transaction, you may wish to us the Broadcast service.

    How to use the broadcast service :

    First Step : Find your transaction binary code :

    feathercoind.exe getrawtransaction 53519a8f97038728a72a80bcc4d07919165617deb2142e588a9dca6e95d43043 

    Second Step : Broadcast it :

    Go to http://block.ftc-c.com/tx/send 
    copy binary code , click “Send transaction” .

    Wait confirmation, until a mining pool makes a block.

    Advanced Checkpointing ACP

    What is Advanced Checkpointing?

    Advanced Checkpointing allows Feathercoin to send out checkpoints without having to release a new version Feathercoin software. This works by having ‘master nodes’ which checkpoints each block it sees on the network protecting it from specifically from being double spent.

    The ACP checkpointing for Feathercoin has been set at every 5 blocks. ACP does not dictate the blockchain, it provides checkpoints and helps prevent double spends, if the checkpoint is on a short branch it will be rejected.

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  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    Can we make the look ‘user changable’?

    I’ve opened an enhancement request some month ago on github already.

    It shouldn’t be to compilcated

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    This is the result of testing the White background with a KDE dark theme, it will need at least a slight grey, which would still not show dark themes great.

    An enhancement would be to look how the backgroud should be done,; Currently if a transparent image is used, the background shows black ( with a light desktop theme. )


    Feathercoin wallet with Dark KDE Theme, White Back Ground
    White Backgound, Dark Desktop

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  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    We’re experimenting with changes the UI code to remove the background image, it works better with a light grey background but is still incompatible with “Desktop Themes” :

    Here is the Dark Theme now with code changes we made :

    Dark Theme Overveiw

    Here is the new transaction screen with Dark Theme showing correctly :

    Dark Theme Transactions

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    The next priority is to look at consistency of the dialog box, although we do want to try some other Logo ideas, the blue one is looking pretty neat, it’s clean, crisp, bright and mirrors the forum / project colours… …

    We’re just experimenting with adding a frame around the status bar to define that better…

    Here is how the Main screen now looks with the UI code changes.:

    Blue Logo on Light Theme

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    @wrapper the dark grey one looks nice and is like some dark themes available for the desktop

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