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Who is buying?

  • | Tip sradics

    what a pump and dump on bittrex - crazy - from 0.00001490 to 0.00001117 with an immediate sell of 250k FTCs - I guess many people lost some coins

  • | Tip kelsey

    @ghostlander said in Who is buying?:

    It could be the Cryptsy receivership liquidating slowly their 3M FTC.

    starters cryptsy’s receivers wallet is over 6 M ftc, but anyways no that isn’t the one being dumped,

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    @sradics said in Who is buying?:

    what a pump and dump on bittrex - crazy - from 0.00001490 to 0.00001117 with an immediate sell of 250k FTCs - I guess many people lost some coins

    honestly 250k isnt that many coins these days

  • | Tip sradics

    @RIPPEDDRAGON you’re right but based on the volume at bittrex it was at least significant 😉

  • Regular Member | Tip ghostlander

    @kelsey You’re correct, 6133K FTC. That’s quite a lot anyway.

  • | Tip bsotnikow

    The simple alt coin strategy that usually works:

    1. Only buy into projects that won’t be disappearing any time soon. (History, Devs, Dedicated Community)

    2. Buy when they near all time lows against BTC.

  • | Tip kelsey

    not trying to send it either way, but the trend is your friend.
    unless something big fundamental is in development the trend seems to be down down down.
    of course there is always the chance of an out of no where pump that seems to happen in ftc from time to time (pity that can’t be maintained to an up up up after as ftc even at this years peaks is grossly undervalued for what once was a top 3 coin).
    but for now 😞

  • | Tip mirrax

    Which one is safe wallet to use?

  • | Tip Moonman

    I always observed that there are many people that are spreading out their cryptocurrency investments in altcoins. Especially during times of large btc price increase, when the increased price climb and volatility provides more opportunities for profit. Feathercoin has always been one of those coins with a huge potential of the price skyrocketing, even a single pump can take the market cap ftom 1mil to 5-10mil usd.

    One of the things that would make it easier for feathercoin to enjoy its former glory, is to pay more attention to the ftc website that is broken in certain spots (minor details can show integrity to newcomers), more media coverage in more traditional web media (blogs, news outlets) as well as more modern (social media, crypto forums).
    There is a variety of ways the above can be achieved, so ftc can gain a wider supporter and investor base.

  • | Tip sradics

    I agree with the update for the Feathercoin page. Especially the features like NeoScrypt and maybe much more? that is a differentiation to other coins would be really important to mention. I’m honest - I lost track about the changes in Feathercoin.

    I would volunteer to contribute!

  • Regular Member | Tip AmDD

    And with this dip, Im out of coin for the month. I’ll just be watching for the next few weeks.

  • | Tip Loyal2FTC

    @AmDD I’m all in too…

    I also agree with @Moonman and @sradics! The website needs to be more informative at a high level. In particular the home page. Show the world why this coin is special and has managed to stand the test of time.

  • | Tip kelsey


    sounds like the old faithful buy high sell low strategy 😉 seriously though whats everyones bottom prediction, generally always been a 700 sat holding point (well maybe cause thats when i buy lol)

  • | Tip sradics

    Still with some reserves and waiting for @lizhi BUY signal 😉

  • | Tip sradics

    Is there someone using trading scripts for Bittrex? Seems they have a strong API and one could automate a lot of trading to cover next P&Ds.

    Or what is you strategy beside staying awake and using ubersleep to cover a nearly full time range 😉

  • | Tip Moonman

    Even with cheap website hosting packages you can use crontabs to ping bittrex through their api to retrieve a price index. From there you can write those prices to tables, write a script that checks for price changes/variation/barrier breaks, another script that will send you an email warning when a condition is triggered.
    The only issue is how frequently you can make requests (from your side + bittrex side).

  • Regular Member | Tip AmDD

    @kelsey haha! You know Im good at that, I never can buy at the right time so I just buy a little on each drop.

    I was actually going over my finances last night, with the holidays coming up I may have to put my crypto dealings on hold until the first of the year. By then, however, I’ll have two personal loans paid off which will give me more spending money each month.

  • | Tip Moonman

    I feel you bro, completing loan payments is one of the best feelings ever


  • | Tip kelsey

    @AmDD yes i’ve observed in the past often a sell off in crypto around christmas; obviously people needing money for that time of year.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    A friend of mine (not a programmer) was asking about selling / exchanging some coins I helped him mine. What’s a good way to turn Doge to FTC now?

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