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    2 BTC Wagering Contest

    Wagering Contest with 2 BTC Prize Pool has been started and will last for 27 days. Follow the Contests page for real-time leaderboard!

    1st Place - 0.60 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    2nd Place - 0.40 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    3rd Place - 0.30 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    4th Place - 0.20 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    5th Place - 0.16 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    6th Place - 0.12 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    7th Place - 0.10 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    8th Place - 0.06 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    9th Place - 0.04 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND
    10th Place - 0.02 BTC and 30 Days LEGEND

    Play now!


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    We are glad to announce that Luckygames starts accepting BitTorrent (BTT) cryptocurrency. Try your luck with #BitTorrent #BTT

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    Only 3 days left to secure your spot and win prize in our 2 BTC wagering contest.
    Don’t miss chance to win big with Luckygames!

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    Wagering contest has been finished and prizes credited!
    Congratulations to our winners who shared 2 Bitcoin prize pool!

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    All VIP players can take up to 3,000 satoshis from faucet every half an hour and up to 2K Lucky-tokens.
    You can become VIP by purchasing it from our store, win one in the contest or from the VIP bot in the chat every 2 hours.

    Play now at Luckygames!

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    Play as much as you can! Increase your total amount wagered and get closer to win the main prize. All games and cryptocurrencies accepted (except LUCKY-tokens). The bets made before the contest start date are not taken.

    Follow the Contests page for live Leaderboard and countdown timer.

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    There’s still time to grab your share of 2 Bitcoin!

    Live leaderboard is available at the Contests​​​​​​​ page.


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    2 BTC Wagering Contest is finished. Congratulations to the winners!
    Thanks to everyone who joined. Stay tuned for the upcoming giveaways​​​​​​​!

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    It’s time for another wagering contest! 🙂
    Don’t miss your chance to win big with Luckygames and grab your share of 2 Bitcoin prize pool.
    Follow the contest page for live leaderboard!


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    There is still enough time to secure your spot in the monthly leaderboard and win big with Luckygames! 🙂