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FTC development vision

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    This is a call out for thoughts from members and is divided into 2 sections:

    1. For the general community - What would you like feathercoin to be able to do? What is your vision for the project? How do you see it being useful?
    2. For the technical and development community - What is feathercoin currently capable of and what are the technologies or upgrades planned for future implementation?

    In your responses, please make note of which section you are speaking to so that I can sort through it quickly and easily.

    I am gathering this information to help with the work I am beginning on an FTC roadmap, so, as much as is possible, I want to consolidate a more explicit vision for the project. If the vision is already clear and simply communicated, or if this space encourages lively debate and eventuates in new ideas and more clarity, both are great results. I’m also hoping that both outcomes will help to inspire the project’s development and its community.

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    Answering number 2.


    • Feathercoin used to be a fork of Litecoin. Since Feathercoin 0.9.X and so on, we’ve moved away from the litecoin source and now follow bitcoin.

    • Feathercoin is has 16x more supply than Bitcoin (21 Mil vs 336 Mil coins)

    • With faster confirmation times than BTC and LTC it’s a speedy coin, great for near instant transactions without a second layer (lightening or SegWit1x, SegWit2x…etc) As it stands without raising the blocksize limit, we can already handle a lot more transactions than BTC or LTC.

    • NeoScrypt - Feathercoin USED to be scrypt (like litecoin) - when scrypt asics came out, the community helped @ghostlander design and test NeoScrypt. - This is a more memory intensive hashing algorithm that fixes some of the know problems with Scrypt (read ghosts white paper on NeoScrypt) -
      More memory intensive means it doesn’t become profitable or even viable to make ASICS for NeoScrypt as the ASIC chips would require a large amount of fast RAM…which is expensive to produce/manufacture. Having said this…if Feathercoin’s price was in the 100+ USD range…I’m sure we’d see China and other countries where manufacturing is cheap…Try to make ASICS for Feathercoin.

    • eHRC (enhanced hash rate compensation) - was designed specifically by the Feathercoin team for Feathecoin. It’s purpose is to stop mining cartels with large amounts of hash power joining the network and raising the difficulty too quickly… if you were a miner back in the days of BTC or LTC you would remember this attack well…but I’m going back to 2011-2014 days…

    • ACP - This one is very political (or in my humble opinion…it used to be) - originally designed for PPC if i remember correctly…
      ACP is Advanced Checkpointing, what this does is Checkpoint the blockchain with a certain block number and it’s following timestamp etc. This means that no attacker could try to rollback the blockchain though a 51% attack because they would only be able to roll back as far as the last checkpoint.

    There are two types of checkpoints…

    • Hard-Coded checkpoints that are coded into the software itself.
    • Checkpoints enforced by an “ACP master node”

    Now a lot of people in the past on BitcoinTalk and other forums have complained and bitched about ACP…they claim it gives the developers ultimate control over the coin etc…/ this is not true.

    Bitcoin has hardcoded checkpoints just like feathercoin

    Bitcoin also has a checkpointing system where the devs can put checkpoints in themselves…they just dont talk about it.

    You can read more on ACP here, our founder @Bushstar explains it way better than I did.

    I hope this helps…feel free to use any and all of it, but it should probably be re-written.

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    Just a note, FTC software still includes scrypt / Litecoin code to able to decode blocks before the hard fork to Neoscrypt.

    Of the new experimental features included in 0.9.6.x that everyone reckoned would be killer, but we may have to remove, stealth addresses, nameview, reports, QRcodes, paperwallets, multisignature addresses …

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    @wrapper could you speak a little more to those features you mentioned, and why some may or may not be implemented? Is it purely technical or is their a socio-political element?

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    Could you read : https://github.com/wrapperband/FeathercoinWalletGuide

    Then test and report back?

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    From the general community side, like anyone who holds a coin, I’d love to see it widely accepted both online and in real life.

    I would like to see feathercoin on Jaxx and Exodus wallets and back onboard with shapeshift, and even a branded cold wallet which holds fiat (just an idea that’s been percolating in my head).

    I’d also like to see a big marketing and sales push to online and physical vendors, with an easily implemented point of sale/shopping cart. Constant tweeting of updates and onboarding of new business users. Also, in regards to marketing and branding, I’d like to see a rebrand to a name which sounds like a serious contender. Don’t get me wrong, I love Feathercoin and the feather logo but when I try to take an extremely superficial look at the project (as most people do at first glance) it sounds like a joke coin.


    That being said, I’m extremely attached to the current logo, brand and name. From an unbiased initial point of view, I would scroll past it with its current name.

    The current wallet UX/UI is very basic but it works well. Preferably would like to see cosmetic improvements to UX. My transactions seemed to be confirmed and available within a minute and a half. As with anyone and any coin user, I would like to see this improve to instantaneous speeds.

    As a general community user, those are just my personal ideals. I understand the team has very limited resources. Let me know what you think and don’t take it as a personal attack for not being up to what I think FTC should be at. I’m a visionary type person so I like to envision and exciting future for all of us.

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    Like I said, I understand the resource contraints. I’d like to point out again that feathercoin performs very well as is.

    I’m just a competitive person so I have a constant hunger.

    I want to see constant news, constant updates, constant ideas, constant community engagement, marketing campaigns, constant improvement and being ahead of the competition.

    I know an experienced digital marketing guru with experience in UX, SEO, branding, testing who is currently in the UK (from Australia) if you guys need some help.

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    @peeet said in FTC development vision:

    My transactions seemed to be confirmed and available within a minute and a half. As with anyone and any coin user, I would like to see this improve to instantaneous speeds.

    Well hard to archive that with a block time of one minute. Worst case it takes one minute already to get your transaction into the BC.

    For technical reasons we don’t want to reduce the block time.

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    @peeet I completely agree with what you say, but a lot of what you say has been tried and failed because, mostly, it is selling what they imagine the coin is, not the technical details of what it really is.
    i.e. forcing the old system on people instead widening the perspective of the tools available such that a new market can find it. Note, that even Bitcoin has not succeeded (yet) to be anywhere near “common cash”.

    This is a new era of development where systems have to be fully up and running, and in an open source way, be sustainable. Whilst Litecoin have created a foundation, FTC has remained community driven, by minimizing costs and encouraging volunteers and the use of open source tools.

    One thing I have learned is there is no easy answer to acceptance or “success” , like “activating segwit” unless the question was “how do you pump and dump a coin?”

    Is an interesting point about the Feathercoin name, AFB and I spent a massive amount of work optimizing the look and feel of the last release of, whilst retaining the FTC brand and corporate look (from the members design work on the forum).

    I thing Feathercoin is now the “band name”, like with Mark Bolans T. Rex, we can shorten it to FTC but otherwise thats it. However, I and others have proposed updated icons and logos splashscreen - It is something the non technical can get involved with - please feel free to try to make something better …

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    i’m happy if ftc stays true to itself, doesn’t need all the bells and whistles for bells and whistle’s sake.
    I’m hoping development simply concentrates on it being a good stable safe crypto. and the community has a whole helps promote it as such!

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    @kelsey said in FTC development vision:

    i’m happy if ftc stays true to itself, doesn’t need all the bells and whistles for bells and whistle’s sake.
    I’m hoping development simply concentrates on it being a good stable safe crypto. and the community has a whole helps promote it as such!

    Well said !!!

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    I understand your points of view.

    However, ‘I’m happy if ftc stays true to itself…Good stable safe crypto,’ could be one of the unsafest ways to approach this competitive space.

    My thinking is that a coin can’t simply exist for the sake of existing. The purpose of a currency coin or even just a currency in general is to be used a form of trade/barter. Currency has the value we’re willing to assign it. The more widely accepted a currency is, the more value it has.

    Ask yourselves what purpose will Feathercoin serve? Where can we use it? How can we use it? Good stable and safe- what does this really mean as a crypto currency and how do we get there? How many coins do you think could survive in the long run?

    Complacency, and being dismissive to new ideas are the first steps to dying. We should always be learning and improving as individuals, as businesses and as entities in general. It’s great to be comfortable with how ftc is the way it is but how much success has anyone had with complacency?

    This is my mentality with everything. I’m not expecting these things to be implemented tomorrow or even ever. I’m just surprised that not many share my point of view and excitement for the potential of FTC.

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    i see it very different, in recent years the crypto community has had an unhealthy obsession with “innovation”.

    add “innovation” any “innovation”, innovation for innovation sack, otherwise you’re coin is stale.

    I say to everyone, time for a check, and i certainly agree with you on “Ask yourselves what purpose will Feathercoin serve? Where can we use it? How can we use it?”

    its about creating a usable currency, which is a world away from needing innovation like its a mission to mars.

    currency needs KISS (Keep In Simple Stupid) and even Bitcoin in its simplest form is already too complicated.

    Feathercoin can have a purpose and its a big one., it can be what the original vision for what Bitcoin was still (as bitcoin itself is becoming far removed from).

    Feathercoin can be a legit usable currency, and its one of the best original coins that has a chance to be true to this., and to grow in user base. this is where the focus needs to be put.

    Bitcoin and Litecoin have become too controlled by certain interest groups, relatively small groups that have way to much control over shaping their future.
    Feathercoin can remain fully community controlled. that may sound crazy for now but i do think that will win in the end.

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    @kelsey note i don’t seem to be able to find the edit feature any more, too fix my 10001 typos 😞

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    @kelsey Great rebuttal. It’s good to have these sort of discussions. I’m glad you elaborated because I understand your point of view much more now.

    Agree with pretty much everything you said.

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    100% agree and topics like “ftc development vision” need to be continually discussed and debated by as many community members as possible. an apathetic community itself can lead to too much control by small interest groups.

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    For the first time ever, someone has talked to me in the “real world” about investing in coins. Even though they know I have been involved in coins for years, it has been hard to get through to them as they are enamored by unsupportable vapour ware mumbo jumbo, advanced offers and “investment potential.”

    What is sometimes not understood is there is a large amount of effort just to remain a viable platform. I see this as the “foundation” requirements of a coin. With out these fundamentals there is nothing for anyone else to build on, or base an “FTC development vision” on.

    To give a couple of examples …

    For a POW coin such as FTC, it must be “mine able”. For that mining to be a minimal security level It requires pools. In order to be decentralized its is necessary to encourage a wide verity of miners, in order to do this there needs to open pools. Therefore, it is important to have p2pool technology available.

    In order to be a viable coin there needs to a secure wallet that demonstrates the features. Therefore, a default wallet needs to be built. Other coins have not maintained the wallet because the developers did not pass on their knowledge, therefore something is needed like the forum, where members can be brought up to date and interested parties can contribute or learn about the technology.

    There are many other examples, online explorer, exchanges, software control, github, safe builds etc that define a minimal requirement.

    FTC is a currency, the blockchain transactions and exchange value prove that. FTC is traded, exchanged, like Bitcoin, or Fiat money, that is FTC is a platform the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin.

    Just because FTC contributers are concentrating on the basic foundations does not mean other stuff can’t be done. On the contrary, the guides, support of a active forum is essential to those being possible.

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    @wrapper yes its amazing how many investors/traders don’t realise what goes into maintaining a crypto at the bare minimum.

    tis also why so many coins fade.

    i think what this community needs in a n “FTC community vision” something everyone can have input in, we as a community should not always have a “leave everything to the devs approach”

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    Feathercoin is unique, it has a community, where you can get help, someone is there for you, its like the cheers programme “Pub of the crytocurrency”, “they are always glad you came”.

    Over the years i believe so much work by so many dedicated people would have kept this alive. Their commitment, trust attracted me towards this. This much commitment does not happen usually, surely it does not happen in this crypto world.

    Well I am no professional at all, barely manage to buy really.

    1. General Community:

    For me - I bought the feathercoin, did some trading on bittrex, tried the casino, but in the end it just sits there. i found no purpose for it. Just to keeping on buying it, but there is a limit.

    Here are few suggestions where i can help:

    Advertising Campaign: FC should get the exposure, more people should know about this.

    Advertisement: I have few friends who work on movies etc, i can get an advertisement made in London. (Would write a list of ideas if you guys think it will help the community)

    Charities: : Well to buy coffee/ lunch from coins, bitcoins hasn’t manage to do it well (few places in London where you can do this). So maybe FTC can look into somewhere niche, how about concentrating on charities? I know few charities in Essex, I can convince them to accept feathercoins. Basically when they receive any coins, i will give them cash, that is the easiest way i believe. They will be happy to put “we accept feathercoins” signs etc.

    Feathercoin Giftcards: Xmas is coming, I could look into creating usual Giftcard (based on Harrods - Gold and Black, something posh), where people can gift say £5, £10 worth of coins. with cheesy tagline “Here are Million Quid Just wait a little longer”.

    Feathercoin Book: Maybe a heart to heart story book of past few years to get people feel attached? with all the technical details, how to mine etc etc

    2. For the technical and development Community:

    Well with the limited knowledge where i believe i can be of assistance is setting up a Dedicated Feathercoin only pool.

    All the servers etc (extended knowledge lol) could be put in Telehouse Canary Wharf, London.

    Mining on my own doesn’t really motivate me, so maybe if i do this i could be an active member of the community.

    I am happy to help in any of these, or happy for anyone else to do these.


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    One other thing to add in technical:

    well 99.99% of people dont know how to mine. Out of this 1% probably want to mine.

    So is it possible to create a Feathercoin gadget? that someone can plug in USB and start mining or maybe a £100 - £200 device which you connect to a monitor and start mining. Mining for novice?

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