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FTC development vision

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    @kelsey said in FTC development vision:

    i’m happy if ftc stays true to itself, doesn’t need all the bells and whistles for bells and whistle’s sake.
    I’m hoping development simply concentrates on it being a good stable safe crypto. and the community has a whole helps promote it as such!

    Well said !!!

  • I understand your points of view.

    However, ‘I’m happy if ftc stays true to itself…Good stable safe crypto,’ could be one of the unsafest ways to approach this competitive space.

    My thinking is that a coin can’t simply exist for the sake of existing. The purpose of a currency coin or even just a currency in general is to be used a form of trade/barter. Currency has the value we’re willing to assign it. The more widely accepted a currency is, the more value it has.

    Ask yourselves what purpose will Feathercoin serve? Where can we use it? How can we use it? Good stable and safe- what does this really mean as a crypto currency and how do we get there? How many coins do you think could survive in the long run?

    Complacency, and being dismissive to new ideas are the first steps to dying. We should always be learning and improving as individuals, as businesses and as entities in general. It’s great to be comfortable with how ftc is the way it is but how much success has anyone had with complacency?

    This is my mentality with everything. I’m not expecting these things to be implemented tomorrow or even ever. I’m just surprised that not many share my point of view and excitement for the potential of FTC.

  • @peeet
    i see it very different, in recent years the crypto community has had an unhealthy obsession with “innovation”.

    add “innovation” any “innovation”, innovation for innovation sack, otherwise you’re coin is stale.

    I say to everyone, time for a check, and i certainly agree with you on “Ask yourselves what purpose will Feathercoin serve? Where can we use it? How can we use it?”

    its about creating a usable currency, which is a world away from needing innovation like its a mission to mars.

    currency needs KISS (Keep In Simple Stupid) and even Bitcoin in its simplest form is already too complicated.

    Feathercoin can have a purpose and its a big one., it can be what the original vision for what Bitcoin was still (as bitcoin itself is becoming far removed from).

    Feathercoin can be a legit usable currency, and its one of the best original coins that has a chance to be true to this., and to grow in user base. this is where the focus needs to be put.

    Bitcoin and Litecoin have become too controlled by certain interest groups, relatively small groups that have way to much control over shaping their future.
    Feathercoin can remain fully community controlled. that may sound crazy for now but i do think that will win in the end.

  • @kelsey note i don’t seem to be able to find the edit feature any more, too fix my 10001 typos :(

  • @kelsey Great rebuttal. It’s good to have these sort of discussions. I’m glad you elaborated because I understand your point of view much more now.

    Agree with pretty much everything you said.

  • 100% agree and topics like “ftc development vision” need to be continually discussed and debated by as many community members as possible. an apathetic community itself can lead to too much control by small interest groups.

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    For the first time ever, someone has talked to me in the “real world” about investing in coins. Even though they know I have been involved in coins for years, it has been hard to get through to them as they are enamored by unsupportable vapour ware mumbo jumbo, advanced offers and “investment potential.”

    What is sometimes not understood is there is a large amount of effort just to remain a viable platform. I see this as the “foundation” requirements of a coin. With out these fundamentals there is nothing for anyone else to build on, or base an “FTC development vision” on.

    To give a couple of examples …

    For a POW coin such as FTC, it must be “mine able”. For that mining to be a minimal security level It requires pools. In order to be decentralized its is necessary to encourage a wide verity of miners, in order to do this there needs to open pools. Therefore, it is important to have p2pool technology available.

    In order to be a viable coin there needs to a secure wallet that demonstrates the features. Therefore, a default wallet needs to be built. Other coins have not maintained the wallet because the developers did not pass on their knowledge, therefore something is needed like the forum, where members can be brought up to date and interested parties can contribute or learn about the technology.

    There are many other examples, online explorer, exchanges, software control, github, safe builds etc that define a minimal requirement.

    FTC is a currency, the blockchain transactions and exchange value prove that. FTC is traded, exchanged, like Bitcoin, or Fiat money, that is FTC is a platform the same blockchain technology as Bitcoin.

    Just because FTC contributers are concentrating on the basic foundations does not mean other stuff can’t be done. On the contrary, the guides, support of a active forum is essential to those being possible.

  • @wrapper yes its amazing how many investors/traders don’t realise what goes into maintaining a crypto at the bare minimum.

    tis also why so many coins fade.

    i think what this community needs in a n “FTC community vision” something everyone can have input in, we as a community should not always have a “leave everything to the devs approach”

  • Feathercoin is unique, it has a community, where you can get help, someone is there for you, its like the cheers programme “Pub of the crytocurrency”, “they are always glad you came”.

    Over the years i believe so much work by so many dedicated people would have kept this alive. Their commitment, trust attracted me towards this. This much commitment does not happen usually, surely it does not happen in this crypto world.

    Well I am no professional at all, barely manage to buy really.

    1. General Community:

    For me - I bought the feathercoin, did some trading on bittrex, tried the casino, but in the end it just sits there. i found no purpose for it. Just to keeping on buying it, but there is a limit.

    Here are few suggestions where i can help:

    Advertising Campaign: FC should get the exposure, more people should know about this.

    Advertisement: I have few friends who work on movies etc, i can get an advertisement made in London. (Would write a list of ideas if you guys think it will help the community)

    Charities: : Well to buy coffee/ lunch from coins, bitcoins hasn’t manage to do it well (few places in London where you can do this). So maybe FTC can look into somewhere niche, how about concentrating on charities? I know few charities in Essex, I can convince them to accept feathercoins. Basically when they receive any coins, i will give them cash, that is the easiest way i believe. They will be happy to put “we accept feathercoins” signs etc.

    Feathercoin Giftcards: Xmas is coming, I could look into creating usual Giftcard (based on Harrods - Gold and Black, something posh), where people can gift say £5, £10 worth of coins. with cheesy tagline “Here are Million Quid Just wait a little longer”.

    Feathercoin Book: Maybe a heart to heart story book of past few years to get people feel attached? with all the technical details, how to mine etc etc

    2. For the technical and development Community:

    Well with the limited knowledge where i believe i can be of assistance is setting up a Dedicated Feathercoin only pool.

    All the servers etc (extended knowledge lol) could be put in Telehouse Canary Wharf, London.

    Mining on my own doesn’t really motivate me, so maybe if i do this i could be an active member of the community.

    I am happy to help in any of these, or happy for anyone else to do these.


  • @Vigospqr

    One other thing to add in technical:

    well 99.99% of people dont know how to mine. Out of this 1% probably want to mine.

    So is it possible to create a Feathercoin gadget? that someone can plug in USB and start mining or maybe a £100 - £200 device which you connect to a monitor and start mining. Mining for novice?

  • @vigospqr said in FTC development vision:

    So is it possible to create a Feathercoin gadget? that someone can plug in USB and start mining or maybe a £100 - £200 device which you connect to a monitor and start mining.

    Not possible, IMHO. Effective FTC mining requires a high-performance GPU these days. Those alone run into $200 - $500, not counting other components (Motherboard, CPU, memory, etc.)

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