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FTC development vision

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    @wrapper yes its amazing how many investors/traders don’t realise what goes into maintaining a crypto at the bare minimum.

    tis also why so many coins fade.

    i think what this community needs in a n “FTC community vision” something everyone can have input in, we as a community should not always have a “leave everything to the devs approach”

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    Feathercoin is unique, it has a community, where you can get help, someone is there for you, its like the cheers programme “Pub of the crytocurrency”, “they are always glad you came”.

    Over the years i believe so much work by so many dedicated people would have kept this alive. Their commitment, trust attracted me towards this. This much commitment does not happen usually, surely it does not happen in this crypto world.

    Well I am no professional at all, barely manage to buy really.

    1. General Community:

    For me - I bought the feathercoin, did some trading on bittrex, tried the casino, but in the end it just sits there. i found no purpose for it. Just to keeping on buying it, but there is a limit.

    Here are few suggestions where i can help:

    Advertising Campaign: FC should get the exposure, more people should know about this.

    Advertisement: I have few friends who work on movies etc, i can get an advertisement made in London. (Would write a list of ideas if you guys think it will help the community)

    Charities: : Well to buy coffee/ lunch from coins, bitcoins hasn’t manage to do it well (few places in London where you can do this). So maybe FTC can look into somewhere niche, how about concentrating on charities? I know few charities in Essex, I can convince them to accept feathercoins. Basically when they receive any coins, i will give them cash, that is the easiest way i believe. They will be happy to put “we accept feathercoins” signs etc.

    Feathercoin Giftcards: Xmas is coming, I could look into creating usual Giftcard (based on Harrods - Gold and Black, something posh), where people can gift say £5, £10 worth of coins. with cheesy tagline “Here are Million Quid Just wait a little longer”.

    Feathercoin Book: Maybe a heart to heart story book of past few years to get people feel attached? with all the technical details, how to mine etc etc

    2. For the technical and development Community:

    Well with the limited knowledge where i believe i can be of assistance is setting up a Dedicated Feathercoin only pool.

    All the servers etc (extended knowledge lol) could be put in Telehouse Canary Wharf, London.

    Mining on my own doesn’t really motivate me, so maybe if i do this i could be an active member of the community.

    I am happy to help in any of these, or happy for anyone else to do these.


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    One other thing to add in technical:

    well 99.99% of people dont know how to mine. Out of this 1% probably want to mine.

    So is it possible to create a Feathercoin gadget? that someone can plug in USB and start mining or maybe a £100 - £200 device which you connect to a monitor and start mining. Mining for novice?

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    @vigospqr said in FTC development vision:

    So is it possible to create a Feathercoin gadget? that someone can plug in USB and start mining or maybe a £100 - £200 device which you connect to a monitor and start mining.

    Not possible, IMHO. Effective FTC mining requires a high-performance GPU these days. Those alone run into $200 - $500, not counting other components (Motherboard, CPU, memory, etc.)

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    I have a couple of suggestions for things that FTC could be used for. I feel that its role as a “currency” should be not discounted but perhaps downplayed. I feel that a this coins utility is to go beyond the concept of transfer of value and look at alternative usages.

    Two areas that haven’t been explored yet are to have a cryptocurrency to be used as a means to authenticate logins. If a website has a specific wallet associated with a user, the person can “pay” to be authenticated. The website can charge a very low price and can use these funds to replenish the users or to use it as a fund raising option. I am afraid that the speed the blockchain would need to be increased to seconds instead of minutes.

    Another area of possibility is to consider using the FTC blockchain to track products. One of the companies that my company deals has been in manufacturing for over 100 years. Some of those products manufactured 100 years ago still are being used today. They have boxes of microfiche of the schematics etc in case a part needs to be re-manufactured. Provenance.org has the catch phrase: 8 out of 10 UK shoppers want to know where their food comes from. Provenance makes it easy for your business to bring trustworthy information to the point of sale, helping you build brand trust now and into the future.
    My suggestion is that the Feathercoin could be used to store manufacturing data and be used to follow products along its supply chain. Imagine a widget has a QR code glued on at the manufacturer. It would include all the information (specs, warranty etc.) associated with that product. When that product is sent to the wholesalers, distributors and retailers and finally the customer the blockchain would be updated. Finally if a person bought this used Widget they would have the complete public record to follow. If this was a car … it could also include any repairs, accidents etc. Carfax on a QR.

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    @taurus Should the Feathercoin development team re-balance the mining algorithm to once again make it possible to mine on regular computers again?

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    @dwarrilow2002 When Feathercoin converted from scypt (ASIC) to Neoscrypt we waited (paid) for a GPU version to be programmed before FTC Neoscrypt hard fork code was released.

    The FTC forum felt, as an established coin it should have that capability because otherwise, the network may have been taken over if a private group developed the GPU algorithm first.

    The FTC algorithm has already been changed from ASIC to GPU, it is the fact the GPU is widely available commercial hardware that is important, not wither it runs on a cpu only…

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    @dwarrilow2002 Re: other uses for FTC

    Everyone has a great idea for use for FTC, but your idea has already been done. FTC was the first to create and implement “LINK”, which held codes in the blockchain, in this (demo) case for Torrents.

    The fact that FTC was years ahead of the game is now forgotten, that is because FTC is a currency, that is it’s main use and that is what it needs to do first, securely and fairly. and that is the FTC developers first priority.

    The FTC blockchain can be developed and used by anyone else, just like you use GBP or USD to facilitate business. With crypto, you have the bonus of being able to use the blockchain to create more other things, than the very small paper hat you can make with a fiat note …

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    Hey guys

    There were few different threads about marketing, thought it will be best to add to this thread for future reference.

    As my knowledge in cryto is quite limited, i was thinking of ways to be able to put my bit in the community. Turned to marketing, thought of doing an advert for more exposure etc. But recent developments in the coin/ price increase, it turns out the advert etc is not a great idea at the moment. Illogical marketing probably achieves the opposite effect of what the intended was.

    “Talking about a coin and the experiences someone has with it is one of the best marketing strategies”

    But i guess I will post this advert, what i had written beforehand, let it be for amusment purposes, lol.

    alt text

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    Feathercoin Advert

    Open with shots portraying the establishment, particularly financial institutions – The Houses Of Parliament, Bank Of England, Canary Wharf, Stock Market.

    The message is that the money movers and shakers have had it their own way for too long and now it’s time for a bit of people power – There’s a revolution on the horizon, the Bitcoin / feathercoin revolution.

    Introduce a main character. As far removed from a ‘city type’ as possible. Female would be good, youngish, maybe hippyish, Mother Earth type figure. Might be nice to see her as part of the community. Perhaps working with children, nursing an elderly patient, on a city farm, something along these lines.

    The message here is that corporate greed doesn’t have to drive the world. We’ve got each other and community is what matters.

    We see our character in a small village. It’s a 1930s setting. People pass and say hello, other’s wave from across the road. There are small individual shops – Butchers, bakers, single pump petrol station.

    The message is that people were happier when life was simpler, there’s so much pressure in the modern world and wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to turn the clock back. What we want to convey is that in some ways we can.

    Now we see our girl in a more modern market. She is carrying a basket. She buys something from a stall, but instead of paying, the stallholder looks in the basket and chooses something in exchange (a feather). Both look happy with the deal.

    The message is that this is what Feathercoin can do. It’s about people, community, helping each other. It’s not about greed and fat cats squeezing out every penny of profit, to the detriment of everyone else. It’s how things used to be, when life was simpler and we cared about each other more than money.

    We see our character involved with a community project again. Lots of smiling faces. The message is that people over profit makes for a better world.

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