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Excel FTC Calculator

  • | Tip Tobi97l


    I created a profit calculator for Feathercoin using Excel.

    Basically it offers you a simple and easy method to keep track on how much money you spend, how much money you gained or how much money you lost. Also it is very easy to use because you only have to enter how much FTC you own. Everything else is calculated automatically.


    • It calculates your overall profit
    • It keeps track of how many Feathercoin you send or recieve each day
    • A table that automatically provides you with the newest information about BTC and FTC (data from https://coinmarketcap.com/)
    • Automatic calculations of the cost that comes with mining based on your own values
    • Almost fully automatic. You only have to enter the amount of FTC that you own each day
    • A nice diagramm which shows you how much money you gained over time
    • Right now it supports USD and EUR

    This project is also available on GitHub now. You are welcomed to make your own contributions on order to make it even better.

    Right now there are two versions. One for EUR and one for USD. If you want me too add another currency just leave a message.

    Feedback and suggestions are welcomed.

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