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Tipping enabled in the forum. Tip Authors with Feathercoins

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    Today we enabled a tipping function in the forum, allowing to tip members directly in the forum.

    Details and howTo:


    The purpose of this plugin is to create an easy method for users of the forum to tip each other.
    Presently it uses the BIP 21 to launch one of the following wallets:

    • Official QT Wallet
    • Feathercoin-wallet-2 for Android

    This allows the transfer of any amount of Feathercoin directly using your wallet, rather than relying on a ‘tipbot’

    Other wallets supporting BIP 21 should work, too, but are not tested.

    HowTo get ready to receive tips:

    Go to your profile settings and configure the feathercoin address of your wallet.

    HowTo tip

    Simply click on the 'Tip <username> of the post you are reading.

    ![screenshot](0_1538293226205_Screenshot_20180930_093813.png image url)

    This should open your Qt / Android wallet and fill the details.



    Crome based browsers should work out of the box. For other browsers a network protocol handler must be added manually, to get the ‘feathercoin:’ protocol pointed to the feathercoin wallet. See broswer documentation for details how to do this.


    Standard browser works without any modifications.

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