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Trezor / Electrum-Ftc

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    Hello everyone,

    bumping this comment https://github.com/Feathercoin-Foundation/electrum-ftc/issues/108#issuecomment-468751662 so it can gain more attention here for others to try out and confirm. (I might be late to party and everything regardless Trezor/Electrum/Feathercoin is sorted out… since I see the logo on https://feathercoin.com/)

    I think we are close to fully use Trezor even without Electrum (Insight explorer through ssl should be enough). Can someone please try out and confirm whether they can send/receive ftc through Trezor device/emulator? We might need to upgrade Electrum-ftc to support newest python-trezor library for flawless user experience.


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    @cryptogrinder said in Trezor / Electrum-Ftc:

    Trezor device
    I thought the electrum-ftc stuff was old hat. (trully i dont know the specifics though)

    honestly, i dont know anything about trezor other than what i see on google. i guess its a hardware wallet.

    so that is to say, i’d try it if i had a trezor device. the only wallet i’ve ever used other than a pc one is the edge app on ios. it works fast/well but unless its got some sort of trezor emulator on the back end (it might be) it probably doesnt help you out any. I have tried the ftc-electrum wallets before … if they are related then i can say they also work well. and that woked well. but again it was ftc-electrum wallet for a pc. maybe someone else will be able to help you out.

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    @j_scheibel I think the goal is to test the Trezor software being able to send/receive feathercoins.

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