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Is privacy on blockchain a far-fetched reality?

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    One of the key features of blockchain technology which truly sets it apart from every other means of transacting is the fact that all transactions are “absolutely private”. This is what we have been led to believe down the years due to our ignorance. We only need look at the manner in which people can see all the contents of our cryptocurrency wallets and monitor all our transactions simply by having our wallet address. To put it simply, transactions are not truly private. Yes, there have been projects which have been targeted at getting rid of this issues for good but there hasn’t really been a resounding success story till date.

    Have you heard about Veil?
    The [Veil](https://veil-project.com/![alt text](image url)) platform is aimed at revolutionizing the entire cryptosphere by bringing top notch privacy and anonymity to the fore in all operations. The motto “Privacy without Compromise” just further reiterates this fact. A question you should be asking right now is “What sets Veil apart from the competition?”. You will get your answers by reading a little bit further.

    Always on Privacy & Security
    The veil project is aware of the vulnerabilities in the current system and wants to correct them. For this reason, the platform that uses the Zerocoin protocol and RingCT technologies wants to build a completely invincible firewall for users. This is to maximize the experience of the architectural blockchain created by Veil.

    Anonymous Passive Income Opportunity
    For now, it is possible to have a passive income on many platforms. However, the veil project wants to take this one step further. You earn the awards in the veil project anonymously. That means no one knows how much you win and when you win. Even if you leave your wallet open, you can take advantage of the stack rewards.

    The veil project does not require any third-party company or stock exchange to maintain its continuity. Thanks to the consensus created by the veil project, users confirm the accuracy of their blocks and thus no third parties are needed. Because the project is completely user-oriented. As a result, the wallet is user-friendly and has a simple interface and design that makes it easy for users to work with…

    So, at this point, what do you think about Veil?. Do you foresee any downsides to this project?. You can air your opinions in the comment section.

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