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How would you define privacy on blockchain?

  • | Tip tbossmitche

    We hear the word “privacy” within the cryptosphere as often as the sun shines but have we ever stopped to ask ourselves how private our dealings actually are?

    If you stop for a moment to consider how all your transactions can be viewed by just about anyone who knows your wallet address and how you have to part with sensitive information to enjoy all features in most cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you will have to agree with me that our privacy is not as the forces behind blockchain technology make it seem.

    This shortcoming in particular has led to the creation of a project that puts privacy before any other thing. The project goes by the name “Veil”. The Veil project is aimed at creating a blockchain with full privacy and security rights. It gives the benefit of anonymity with levels greater than what other projects have to offer. The team involved in the project consist of the block chain developer press tab, leading the technical development team, highly capable and experienced developers and expert cryptographers. In order to achieve the mission and goal of pushing the boundaries of cryptographic privacy protocols, there is an establishment of a research lab called “VEIL Labs”.

    I would like you to take out time to see what the Veil project really entails as I have barely scratched the surface.

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