I have not fully looked into seg-wit, I understand it is a feature that can be used in future versions of FTC and may be testable in 0.11.

As such, I believe from previous discussion ( @ghostlander, @Lizhi) i.e. those that might program it, we need some custom settings for FTC. I do not believe those settings have been properly agreed.

In order to move forward, we have therefore spent a lot of time reviewing and fixing 0.6.x development line. The next strategic task to obtain further functionality is to release 0.11.x through a similar review procedure, then move so as FTC development is at Bitcoin head.

This is not a complicated programing task, in fact both @Lizhi and @Bushstar have documented it withing Github FTC commits. Any contributer could go through commits and make a list of FTC parameters and changes, required to patch head Bitcoin to FTC …

Where’as FTC have a small team slowly moving forward, or already having tasks or responsibilities >> hobby that could easily be accelerated with more support. Either completing some small task, learning part of the development procedure … all would help these new features appear.