@priceslide @priceslide said in How do we get FTC on Binance.com?: Really? Where on earth did you get that number? From a friend who wanted to get listed. Either way, any number is too high, we aren’t a pay-to-play type I fully agree. We will get listed on more and more exchanges ones we get more users. We get more users by providing better wallets and services and more outreach. We are working on all of that I’d love to know why an FTC/Fiat payment gateway would help anything. If you want to get new, non-crypto people in you need Fiat gateways. Also for adding support for FTC in ATMs and payment processors you need Fiat exchanges. ATMs for example are not a technology problem but not really doable as long as Bitstamp or Kraken (which most ATM operators use as their backbone) don’t have FTC. So it’s a chicken-egg problem we plan to solve with great wallets/technology, community building and outreach. With the help of any contributors as a community effort!