supporting a coin is kind of an odd thing if you think about it. Its like saying “how do you support the US dollar?”. Basically, you use it.

In the case of feather coin and any crypto in general, yes, mining it is one way … or buying and holding some is definitely supporting it.

The big thing is using the currency though. If you can make it an active part of whatever commerce you do, you encourage its further use. It’s really that simple.

Now i’m not saying you should run out and start up a feather coin only Amazon website. I mean that would be ideal, but it might fail entirely if you cant convince people to use it. So for me I’ve always wanted to do such a thing, but its such an investment in time that i’ve always stopped short of actually implementing it.

Personally, I’ve toyed with the idea of using it for in-game purchases or other things tied to video games where it makes a lot of sense. more so than using a fiat currency. the problem of course is people have to want whatever you are selling (new expansion, add-on, etc) enough to go through the learning curve of getting some feather coin to get what they want. If you can motivate them though you’ve accomplished your goal.