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Freldo (FRECNX) Arranges A Trading Competition on SWFT Blockchain

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    Period of Competition: (September 30, 2019 — October 12, 2019) 11 am (GMT+8) Hong Kong time.
    Freldo celebrates a partnership with SWFT Blockchain. Therefore, we decided to make a trading competition, that our users could also celebrate this joyful event with us!
    You could win up to 10,000 $FRECNX worth $4,000!
    SWFT Blockchain is a next-generation, worldwide cross-chain transfer platform, and payment network. With over 195 supported cryptocurrencies, the SWFT Wallet makes it easy for users to transfer between tokens in its decentralized wallet.

    Win FRECNX with us! The conditions of the competition!
    Social Media Tasks:

    1. If you are a new user, sign up here and get additional SWFTCoin!
    2. Follow Freldo and SWFT Blockchain on Twitter
    3. Join Freldo and SWFT Blockchain on Telegram Group
    4. Sharing activity (100 SWFTC and 3 FRECNX)
      Share the following poster and text to Telegram groups and Twitter, and fill-up the form. If your application is approved, you will receive a reward.
      Valid until October 12, 2019 11am (GMT+8) Hong Kong time!
      Trading Event Rankings:
      Swap any crypto to FRECNX and FRECNX to any other crypto using SWFT Blockchain’s one-click transfer or limit order function and get rewards! Please fill up this form. Participants should acquire 10 000 FRECNX Volume during the event to be eligible for the top 10 Rank and get the rewards. Users who have accumulated the greatest volume during the event will receive such rewards:
      Rules and Regulations:
    • Participants should purchase 10 000 FRECNX Volume during the event to be eligible for the top 10 Rank and get the Rewards.
    • The Freldo and SWFT Blockchain teams reserve the final rights of explanation regarding all rules and regulations of this event.
    • All rewards will be distributed within 5 business days after the event will finish.
    • If competition organizers detect any cheating activities during the event, SWFT Blockchain is entitled to disqualify the users involved from claiming their rewards.

    More detail please read on the Medium, official website of the project, and Telegram groups.

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