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Shop to accept FTC

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    Ok so am looking to start accepting FTC for my products online within my website. However I need a good shopping cart and system.

    I have looked at ubercart for drupal and need help with it or something that works like it and simple to use and not a million different things that is impossible to understand.

    Does anyone have Drupal experience or knowledge?

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    what are you planning on selling on your website if you dont mind my asking?

  • Regular Member | Tip Entimp

    No XP of Drupal here… but a long term user of Joomla and [url=http://virtuemart.net/]Virtuemart[/url].
    I will go look at their addons and see if there is a cryptocoin mod.

    Joomla with Virtuemart is a real pro set up and both are free. I don’t think there is a free commerce system that comes close.

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    A quick google of virtuemart and bitcoin brings up a few plugins.
    https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-shopping-cart-plugins for example.

    I’m not sure if it uses a API to make it work but they could possibly be edited to fit the purpose. Alas I have little time to dig deeper as I travel abroad in a few days.

    This interests me though, as I have an online store and may include such a feature soon.

    EDIT: Scroll to bottom, they do a DRUPAL plugin.

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    Don’t confuse Bitpay with Bitcoin. To do this you will first need a FeatherPay service to hold the feathercoins and confirm the transactions for the merchants etc etc.

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    FTC is revolutionary