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[Guide] Feathercoin Paper Wallets

  • | Tip Radacoin

    Here I’ll explain how to manually create a so called “paper wallet”.

    For those of you that heave not heard about “paper wallets”: A paper wallet is a way to store Feathercoins that involves printing the Feathercoin addresses and private keys directly on a piece of paper. When done properly, paper wallets are one of the safest ways possible to store Feathercoins.

    There are various paper wallet generators out there. Mostly for Bitcoin, but also for Alt-Coins.

    The thing is:

    • Not all are trustworthy.
    • You can never be 100% sure that those generators don’t secretly steal your address and private key (hence have full access to your coins).

    God news is that you can create a paper wallet all by yourself! All you need to do is to install the Feathercoin client and execute a few commands by hand.

    In order to not disturb / corrupt your main Feathercoin installation, you have to install this paper wallet generator in a VM (Virtual Machine).

    Here is a step-by-step guide:

    1. Download and install FeatherCoin in a VM. (don’t overwrite your existing Feathercoin installation!)
    2. Run it and go to the menu Help / Debug window.
    3. Click on Console tab.
    4. Create a new address by typing getnewaddress.
      -> the result is something like 6p4FJkuV1kkdbNnumVr1JWdQXzeZoAsJjV (note: this is your newly created address)
    5. Get the private key for this new address by typing dumpprivkey (and then use the address from step (4) ). For example “dumpprivkey 6p4FJkuV1kkdbNnumVr1JWdQXzeZoAsJjV”.
      -> the result is something like 5KiWCgvxL2s58JAoxUBBUuLzgESRKaRhHhJVvUyi6ZuDUbkBmDe (note: this is the private key for your newly created address)
    6. Copy & paste address and private key to your paper wallet document (txt document, word document, whatever you like …).
    7. goto 4 and repeat as many times as you need new addresses.
      8 ) After you are finished, uninstall the Feathercoin client from your VM. Note: Make sure the wallet.dat is gone from the AppData/Roaming/Feathercoin directory (because the wallet.dat has all your newly created addresses / private keys - and you only what that information in your paper wallet file).

    To transfer Feathercoins to a paper wallet address is as simple as transferring it to any other address.

    If you want to access the funds from your paper wallet at some time in the future, simply use the importprivkey command.
    Example: “importprivkey 5KiWCgvxL2s58JAoxUBBUuLzgESRKaRhHhJVvUyi6ZuDUbkBmDe”. Once your client us synced again with the network the funds are available instantly.

    Hope that helps 😉


  • | Tip pyxis

    Question on Step 1

    So instead of using a VM (Virtual Machine), you could use another computer that hasn’t the client on it?

    Cheers Radacoin, when I get to my wallet this evening I’ll send a few coins your way. 😉

  • | Tip Radacoin

    [quote name=“Pyxis” post=“13566” timestamp=“1371028689”]
    So instead of using a VM (Virtual Machine), you could use another computer that hasn’t the client on it?
    Yes, that would work as well.

    The only reason for using another Feathercoin installation and for deleting wallet.dat once you are done creating addresses is that there’s unfortunately [b]no[/b] command like “deleteaddress” or “deleteprivkey”.

    Remember: The wallet.dat still has all your newly created addresses / private keys.

  • Regular Member | Tip sheepson

    Thanks! I will add this to the starterkit 😉

  • | Tip song414

    Can this be used for any cryptocurrency? I had no idea something like this could be done to secure coins. Thanks!

  • | Tip Tuck Fheman

    Check this out …

  • | Tip spynappels

    If this is granted, the Patent Office needs another kick up the butt.

    You can’t patent something as simple as writing down a number or two on a piece of paper! People have been doing this for millenia!

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  • | Tip Evilfrosty

    This would be a great idea for making a Feathercoin Savings account for the long term investment. As a Miner I usually sell half of what I mine and keep the other half. Storing them on paper and in plastic sleeves in a binder would be awesome.