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Help support the launch of a new service! (Bitcoin and Feathercoin money mixer)

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    Well, I’ve decided to go ahead and launch a “Kickstarter-esque” request for help getting my Bitcoin mixing service launched. The development is finished, all I need is to pay for hosting, SSL certs, the web front end (a single page) and a Tor gateway.

    You can go and support the project here:


    In the initial configuration it only supports Bitcoins, but as it turns out there’s a fork of BitcoinJ for Feathercoin, which will make it trivial to launch an identical service for Feathercoins!

    So, if I can reach my goal of 10 BTC in 10 days, I’ll launch an identical service for Feathercoins too along side it. In fact, if I get overfunded (more than 10 BTC), I’ll even add additional features to do things like put Bitcoins in, and get Feathercoins out and vice-versa.

    So, what say you? Help a brother out?

  • | Tip UKMark

    [quote]Requested project is not available to public[/quote]

    It’s that good even the project is mixed 😃

    Does it have to be verified before it is visible?

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    Yeah… apparently it does… and apparently it isn’t yet.

    Frag it all to hell and back. 😞

    Well, I’ll bump it when it is, how’s that?

  • | Tip UKMark

    Bump away! In a strange way I’m quite interested…I suppose other than in illegal activities it will have it’s benefits in other areas too, especially if you can do a BTC in >> FTC out 😎

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    Bumpity bump bump! It’s finally listed! 9 more days to go!!! 😎

  • Regular Member | Tip Markus1337

    So your saying you need $1100 to run ssl and to pay for hosting, as you mentioned the back end is done. Am I missing something?

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    Yes… the front end graphics and markup, and my time required.

  • | Tip null

    Kevlar, simple and straight - i like the idea but i missing the community thought - happened several times as i stumbled about your posts.

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