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Suggestion for address input boxes

  • | Tip Anillos

    This has been posted on Terracointalk:

    Most of the modern web browsers can “remember” the latest inputs in a input box. This is very useful if You need to put the same text (for example a certain FTC address).

    The problem is that if the name of a input box is just “address”, the web browser will mix lots of addresses here (BTC, FTC, LTC, TRC…) and It’s difficult to find which one of them is a valid FTC address if You are trying to drip a FTC faucet.

    The problem could be solved if all coins uses their own names for these input boxes: addressBTC, addressLTC, addresssFTC, addressTRC, addressXRP…

    I hope that these suggestions make the faucets more usable, so they could be more successful.

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