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\[ANN\]\[FTC\]\[Pool\]\[PPLNS\] WeMineFTC.com | 2% fee! | Stratum !!

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    We are proud to present a new FeatherCoin mining pool -[b] [url=https://www.WeMineFTC.com]WeMineFTC.com[/url][/b]

    We have been working hard to bring you a powerful, stable and reliable Stratum powered pool and are excited to announce our initial launch! After few days of beta testing, we are finally open to the public and we present you with the most high end FTC pool out there!!

    We focused on top end hardware, our servers feature Xeon CPU’s, 64gb RAM, RAID SSD’s with Gigabit Connections!!

    A brief overview of what we offer:

    [*]2% FEE - We ask a merely 2% to help support our equipment costs
    [*]Stratum Powered - Longpoll is ancient technology that just doesn’t suit the power of today, with our system you will get near ZERO stales.
    [*]PPLNS - Pool-hoping resistant!!
    [*]Only 20 Confirms - Most Pools wait 120 confirms!
    [*]Auto Pay Out can be set
    [*]Already Powerful and with the name of WeMineLTC behind it!! Our group already has a massive amount of power so you won’t be starting on a dead pool that never finds blocks.
    [*]Old Longpoll CPU miners supported via Stratum Proxy, see our getting started guide.

    We are here for the long haul people, we have invested massively to bring you power and reliability and we will put it all to work to deliver. Join today!

    Questions? Post your question in this thread, we will monitor the thread for support questions.[b]WE LOVE FEEDBACK!! [/b]

    [u]i will put this here because lot of people wondering about the round estimate VS the payout per block![/u]

    [b]Its PPLNS payout scheme 🙂 Means the pool is paying you PROPORTIONAL 🙂 Check --> https://www.wemineftc.com/about

    In easy words, your stack is builds up 🙂 Even if you were to stop mining now, the pool would still KEEP paying you for shares you have submitted in N time. Its to prevent pool hopping! If you keep mining it will eventually build up, check all your recent transactions and you will see what i mean 🙂 Also for your reference --> https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=39832

    thank you![/b]