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Mining with GPU - Powerfull CPU requiered?

  • | Tip PascalTurbo

    Hi There,

    I wanna start mining Feathercoin and buy some Hardware. Is it nescessary to have a powerfull CPU (when mining with GPU) or is a energy-saving CPU enough for that?


  • Regular Member | Tip sheepson

    I am mining with an HD5850 310kh/s and have an old Pentium 4 CPU, so i would say you dont need a powerfull CPU.

  • | Tip ShadowEW

    Depending on how many GPUs you want to fit, just give yourself the ability to use ~4GB RAM.

    A nice AM3/AM3+ Motherboard paired with a Sempron will be fine and means you can support upto 4 GPUs on the go.
    FM1 will only support 2 PCIe x16 lanes, so whilst it’s cheaper it has it’s drawbacks.
    FM2 I’m honestly not too sure, but again, don’t go ‘too’ cheap and cheerful.
    LGA2011 / LGA1155 / LGA1156 all support 4 GPUs but as usual, Intel products come at a premium.

    It’s the RAM count that becomes more important, especially when using high(er) end GPUs.