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A Possibility for Any of You Coders?

  • Regular Member | Tip aysyr

    I was just thinking and came up with an idea. For you guys who work with the codes an API’s, how plausible would this be?

    This is kind of like I guess a Feathercoin credit card so to speak. What would happen is in this memory device, you would have your portable wallet.dat file. This would be different from the .dat file saved on your computer, since you obviously don’t want to be taking your entire stash everywhere.

    In the merchant side, they would have a program with an integrated Feathercoin wallet with a fully downloaded blockchain. When you insert said memory device, it takes the wallet.dat file, and loads it on the interface so that you can access the wallet. It then does an automated transfer from the portable wallet, to a preset merchant address, with the amount input to be transferred. After the transaction, you take out your memory device and program refreshes its wallet.dat so that your memory is wiped clean.

    Like I said, it’s an idea, not sure how possible it’d be. I also don’t know if replacing a wallet.dat file causes the blockchain to redownload, as I’ve only done it once but didn’t pay attention to whether it did or not.

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