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Help with cgminer API

  • | Tip jsteinm1

    Hey everyone, I’ve started using CGWatcher with cgminer which is a nice little tool, but I’m looking for a way to log data and run statistics on my mining. Anyway, I know cgminer has an API, but I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I’m wanting to pull data in to Excel using VBA, if that is possible. Does anyone have any good place for me to start? I’m familiar with VBA, but using an API is over my head at the moment.

    And if ayone has made a good logging tool already, please point me that direction. Thanks!

  • | Tip UKMark

    I have not worked with cgminer RPC API via Windows but I have via Linux, maybe you can glean some useful information from this project I did a while ago…


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