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[GUIDE] Solo Mine

  • | Tip pyxis

    –close feathercoin client if open
    –locate feathercoin directory using >start>run>%appdata%
    –create feathercoin configuration file in notepad as follows: (change the user/ password values to whatever you want them to be:)

    –save this file as: feathercoin.conf (be sure to save it in the appdata feathercoin directory)
    –relaunch feathercoin client and let it finish synchronizing with the network
    –point mining client of your choosing to with the user / password you assigned

    mine away.

    Solo mining with thanks to deroekeloze on May 19, 2013, 09:44:18 pm

    Anyone please feel free to add to this, but this works for me, I’m using GUIminer.

  • Team Infrastructure | Tip ChekaZ

    If you use CGminer:

    open notepad and write this line:

    cgminer --scrypt -o [url=][/url] -u yourname -p yourpass -I yourintensity … // more isnt really necessary

    save it as .bat and copy it to your cgminer folder and start it.

  • | Tip marhaben

    I have been having trouble solo mining. My client cgminerbis finding and rejecting blocks instantly despite following everything in the guide. Do i need to set my wallet file to mine as well? If so what settings do i adjust?

  • Regular Member | Tip sheepson

    Added to;