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Basic security

  • | Tip deroekeloze

    due to a recent bad experience and at the suggestion of Pyxis, i’ve decided to post a few things current events reminded me of the hard way ::)

    don’t take your PC security lightly! having a trading account completely wiped out can leave you quite frustrated…and butt hurt 😛

    here are just a few steps that can be taken to improve system/account security:
    – run a good malware detection software. AVG, comodo, etc
    – never set a program to use the *remember me, stay signed in, etc* option.
    – if you use a mobile phone, you can strengthen your security by using 2 factor authorization through SMS. i know that cryptsy, gmail, hotmail offer this service in user settings.
    – set web browsers to not remember history and close them when machines are idle
    – avoid logging in on public access machines.
    – don’t use the same password for multiple accounts
    – don’t leave coins on an exchange. take the 15 or so minutes and return them to your wallets

    feel free to add your own ideas / methods so that we can build a comprehensive package of security on the forum to prevent this sort of thing in the future.

  • Regular Member | Tip Markus11

    -create a paperwallet on a pc which never was connected to the internet

    • Linux instead of windows