Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.18.1
Old daemon and wallet version

Help me please :(

  • | Tip slayersher

    alright so i am stumped on how to mine this crypto with my gpu’s

    i mine ltc with guiminer ( litecoin edition )

    and i have basically no knowledge on using reaper or cgminer

    and help would be much appreciated

    ( running duel 7950’s )

  • | Tip anbo369

    I’m pretty noob at setting everything up as well. But watch this guys video:

    do what he says (set it up for ltc) and all the complicated stuff will be done. cgminer will be configured to mine ltc, now all we have to do is change that.
    open the file "cgminer.conf"
    and where it says "url : " just replace what’s there with http://featherpool.com:9999 (that’s the one I use)

    then below that just use the username of the worker and it’s password.

    this is what it looks like for me:

    “url” : “http://featherpool.com:9999”,
    “user” : “anbo369.1”,
    “pass” : “12345”

  • | Tip slayersher

    Thanks a lot for the help dude got it sorta working seems laggy … But any help on solo mining feathercoin ?

    Any help would appreciated

  • | Tip Nadeah

    anbo369’s advice is good and should be all you need to get started pool mining. I would recommend against solo mining with only two 7950s. Since most pools right now are running with little if any fees, I would pool mine instead. At this point, with the currently difficulty, assuming a hash rate of 1,200KH/s you can expect to only find 1 block (200FC) every 27.5 hours or so. Yes, you could get lucky and find five blocks your first day, but you could also mine three days and find nothing.

    Of course, I always error on the side of caution. The choice is yours. :))

  • | Tip slayersher

    Im getting no where near that actually 😞 but yah I was just trying it on my personal rig I have 3 other mining rigs ( 9 more 7950’s ) so combined solo would probably work out okay if I could get it set up

  • | Tip Nadeah

    For the most part, any guide pertaining to Litecoin should be useful for Feathercoin (AFAIK). Here’s a good guide that shows how to setup a Litecoin server for solo mining in Windows: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=83371.0

    You’ll probably have to change the name of the configuration file (litecoin.conf -> feathercoin.conf) and maybe a few other things, but otherwise it should be valid. The guide configures solo mining on a single machine. Since you have multiple rigs, you’ll need to make sure that they can all access the Feathercoin server. If they’re not all on a LAN, port forwarding may be necessary too. I was able to successfully follow that exact guide linked earlier and solo mine with multiple rigs by making only a few tweaks.

    It seems you have quite a lot of hardware. Solo mining with 11+ 7950s should be workable with the current difficulty, I suppose. If I were in that situation, I’d still stick with a pool though, personally.

    Reply back if you run into any major snags. Good luck! 🙂

  • | Tip miningdude

    [quote name=“anbo369” post=“91” timestamp=“1367059699”]
    I’m pretty noob at setting everything up as well. But watch this guys video:

    I just discovered feathercoin and feathercoin mining. Seems it is pretty new and has some issues to work out yet. This video and your comments gave me a boost in figuring it out. Thanks anbo! I [url=http://www.coinminingrigs.com/my-first-mining-rig/]built my first mining rig[/url] a month ago, with the intention of mining Litecoin, but now I’m thinking it might be good to throw a few hashes at feathercoin as well. Wish I could take a time machine to the future and figure out which coin or coins will actually gain traction as a world currency. 🙂

  • | Tip wes

    You could try (nearby) solomining with a pretty small pool or group mining with a bigger one. Smaller pools mean more FC but also higher risk to get nothing. Larger pools are solid but you have a lot less profit. A small pool I found is at a bigger one is http://www.fcpool.com/ or any other just choose what you prefer. 200/eg 5 or 200/200 but steady payouts eg 10 FC per day. Choose wise.
    It’s up to you.