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Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

\[ANN\] BuyAHash.com now accepts FTC for all Scrypt & ASIC mining products!

  • | Tip Benny

    Hi everyone,

    We just got a payment system integrated with CoinPayments.net to allow FTC payments. I am very excited about this, as we’ve been waiting for an FTC payment integrator for quite some time.

    We sell a large range of products for Scrypt mining, as well as ASIC products from ASICMiner and BPMC. We’re offering a special crypto-only 5% discount on all products from risers to complete ASIC mining systems. Start using your FTC!

    [url=http://buyahash.com]www.buyahash.com [/url]

    We’ll also be working on some FTC-based Scrypt rigs soon once we get one product fleshed out. I think the FTC community will really like the announcement!

  • | Tip crazyearner

    Nice site however you need to update your prices reflecting the new changes on cost on equipment as your blue furys are shocking over priced. My last order for 5 units was 0.8BTC each and your blades well almost every product you have listed needs to come down in price.

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