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Other coin clients on Feathercoin Network?

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    I’ve increased my max peers to 500 and have been checking the GetPeerInfo on the Feathercoin Debug console to see what clients are connected to my wallet. Mainly to see how the take up of Feathercoin is going.

    Whilst the proportion of Clients is high > 90%, and most of the other clients are now, I have seen a couple of anomalies.

    One client was using (I assume Litecoin) and another was DGC v0.2:0.6.3. (I assume Digital Coin).

    I’m just a bit perplexed how these clients attached themselves to Feathercoin network and don’t get rejected?

    I’ve mentioned this before when I saw (Litecoin?) attached. Is this a security risk / Flaw?

    “addr” : “”,
    “services” : “00000001”,
    “lastsend” : 1382192561,
    “lastrecv” : 1382192617,
    “conntime” : 1382192557,
    “version” : 60001,
    “subver” : “/DGC v0.2:0.6.3/”,
    “inbound” : true,
    “releasetime” : 0,
    “startingheight” : 491873,
    “banscore” : 0

  • Regular Member | Tip ghostlander

    Litecoin, Feathercoin and many other forks use the same pchMessageStart for peer-to-peer communication. Fortunately, Litecoin has moved to protocol versions of 70000 and above since v0.8.