Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.18.3
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.2

Light mode wallet (Feather mode)

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    I’ve had an idea for a “Feather mode”, which only holds blocks in the database with your coins in, up to say a checkpoint.

    When you receive coins, blocks around the transaction destination are downloaded and checked against the auto checkpointing. You can ask for higher security and the wallet will check more surrounding blocks. A normal wallet could be switched to “Feather mode” to save space. Perhaps for medium security it could download the last days blocks.

    It’s probably how android wallets work anyway? but it would be a cool mode for Laptops or other restricted devices with the standard wallet.

    It’s reliant on the number of miners being sufficient such that there are enough nodes with the the full blockchain to ensure security and, perhaps, that auto checkpointing is moved to 51% network agreement.

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    I think and I may be wrong here that the android wallet uses feathercoinj and that only downloads and stores the block headers which is much more efficient. I guess there is no reason we couldn’t write a new client using the feathercoinj library which is Java so is write once run anywhere which is cool.

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    Cheers Kris, that sounds a great idea.

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    I’ve already started looking at this library to try and figure out how to accept payments On my wife’s website. It looks pretty straight forward but I was talking to kevlar about this and we need to find out what the status of this project is.

    I think hank was on here the other week talking about changes to the android wallet and feathercoinj. Does anyone else know its status.

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