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    ** Update: April 27th **

    I’ve hired 2 contract people to help me with listing all the cryptography meetup groups and other groups that might take an interest in Feathercoin. Once this is complete (and we have a stable exchange), I’ll start contacting the organizers and see how we can get them involved. I’ve been active in large meet-up campaigns in the past, you would be amazed at how much can be done with focused groups of people spread around the US.

    I’m willing to put my own money behind the project, I just wanted everyone to:

    1. Be aware of the approach
    2. Offer any suggestions (this is a community project)
    3. Offer assistance


    << From the post I made on Bitcointalk>>

    Here’s an idea, I’m looking forward to community input. During Ron Paul’s campaign (please avoid the politics, this is just to give a point of reference), I was one of the early adopters in organizing meetup groups across the country. It was a great opportunity to discuss ideas as well as develop ways to get our message out to the public. We would do everything ranging from:

    1. Creating signs
    2. Contributing to purchase ad space and billboards
    3. Develop marketing campaigns
    4. Phone bank initiatives
    5. Voter registration
    6. Messageboard management

    I noticed there’s something like 90 Bitcoin meetup groups and quite a few more with others that might back crypto currencies such as Libertarians (again, not at all interested in political debate here).


    1. I’d like to make contact with all the meetup groups. Find out what they are currently doing and how we might be able to assist with Feathercoin information.

    2. Form Alt Currency specific meetup groups

    3. Develop advocacy information for our meeting groups

    What could Alt Currency Meetups do?

    1. Discuss advocacy ideas on Messageboards
    2. Create websites
    3. Find guest speakers to talk about crypto coins
    4. Speak at community events (ex: Chamber of Commerce)
    5. Create signs/flyers (these were great during RP days at coffee shops/community colleges)
    6. Put together a drive to help x amount of people setup Feathercoin wallets
    7. Talk to small businesses about Feathercoin adoption

    These meetups were fun. It was a social event that allowed us to push something we believed in forward. I feel when people actually see the easy and speed of Feathercoin, they want to learn more about it. These meetups would serve as that instrument.

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