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Feathercoin and I2P

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    It is possible to use Feathercoin over I2P, [url=http://www.i2p2.de]www.i2p2.de[/url].

    I have seen this with a bitcoin client. They made it support i2p using the SAMv3 protocol (part of I2P). You can find that client on github: [url=https://github.com/VirtualDestructor/bitcoin-qt-i2p]https://github.com/VirtualDestructor/bitcoin-qt-i2p[/url]

    Searching around, it seems that Anoncoin (lol) also has support for this.

    I’d like to know if people are interested to make the FTC client compatible over i2p.

    Or if not… Tor works, why not i2p? 🙂

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    Feathercoin has now updated to, can you retest to see if the ip2 and tor compatibility have improved?

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