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<\>\[Project\] Weekly Grassroots Conference Call

  • | Tip justabitoftime

    I’ve had quite a bit of experience in grass roots campaign leadership and one tool we found extremely helpful were quick weekly conference calls. This approach allowed us to exchange ideas in real-time and set action items for the next meeting. Here’s who might want to attend:

    • Web developers creating sites for FC
    • Programmers that want real time feedback
    • FC enthusiasts that are curious on what types of projects are being discussed
    • Marketing types that want to share ideas on how to make the coin more visible
    • Anyone that wants to contribute to the community but not quite sure where to get started

    I already have the bridge, I just need to figure out the level of participation. I have 5 already locally that will participate. Eventually, I can see it being broken up into areas and then eventually having those groups decide how to go from there.

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