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    hello al a new member here…

  • | Tip justgeig

    Hi 🙂 I’m here to do what little I can to work towards a universally recognized non-fiat currency … and because my hardware can handle the current difficulty of Feathercoin 🙂 I’ve since dug into what Feathercoin is all about and that’s why I’m joining the forum.

    Little about me…I’m a small business level IT manager and graphic artist/design enthusiast.

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  • | Tip wolfjack

    I have added myself to the Feathercoin map

  • | Tip Ruthie

    hello all and welcome to the feathercoin community 🙂

    nice to see new miners joining too, thanks for your support 😉

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  • | Tip Mvaporis1961

    Hi all im new here and located in Sydney NSW
    so any tips and advice would be much appreciated


  • | Tip tzgame

    Great. I’ll learn to mine.

  • | Tip null

    [quote name=“Mvaporis1961” post=“46719” timestamp=“1387658623”]
    so any tips and advice would be much appreciated

    My tip would be to do as much reading as humanly possible and join in with the community!

  • | Tip periklis

    Hi all,

    I am also a new member and would like to say Hi to everyone.

    Looking forward to reading through the posts

    All the best,

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    Hello all

  • | Tip ShopWithCoin

    Hello All! We’re so excited to be part of the FTC Community!

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    Hi All 🙂

  • | Tip buffi

    hi All,
    nice to meet you guys 🙂
    good luck to all of us

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    Hello all. Just introducing myself to the forum 🙂

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    Welcome all new members 🙂 nice to have you here.

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    [font=comic sans ms][size=12pt][/size][/font]hey sup?

  • | Tip franosoprano

    Hi, I am new and I was wondering if there was a way to get help posting an introduction so I can move on in your community…
    I have tried twice unsuccessfully already and I am not sure if its me (probably) or I am not interpreting the numbers correctly on that little box thingy you have to do to verify that you are human. Ok, let me preface by saying I tried to enter the letters shown ( Like one word is clear, and the other part is harder to read than graffiti wizzing by on the train). Then, I tried to listen to the numbers and type them but the voice is drunk sounding. Like really not easy to make out (Maybe if I played it backwards like an old vinyl LP…).
    All kidding aside, I would appreciate any help.

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    Hello and nice to meet you all,

    new member here, I’ve been mining for about 2 weeks now and lurking the forums for about 3 weeks. Today I decided to introduce myself and try to get involved a bit more with the community.

    I’m a C/C++ developer currently living in Germany with almost no time to devote to anything other than my job and family.

    Any free time I have goes to silly projects so far. One I might share soon is the a template image for paper wallets with the size of a credit card (~76mmx54mm at 300dpi). I started doing this because the ugliness of the image on [url=http://www.featheraddress.org/]http://www.featheraddress.org/[/url] really bothers me!

    In any case, what would be the best way to share the img (png and psd) with the community here?

    edit: looking at the forum a bit more carefully, I noticed that I probably should have created a new thread? Should I go ahead and repost?

  • | Tip canej

    Great to be part of the FTC community. Looking to see a great 2014 for FTC…