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[DEV] Feathercoin-Qt - Help - Crowd Development

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    A new Thread Post classification called “Open development”. Where “Any member” is allowed to edit it and change it
    It could be an open system, but there could be minimum Rep, for security…

    It would be possible to leverage Github to control projects and have roll back facilities in the long term. Until Github intergration, backups can be done by hand to “reply posts”.

    [b]Mode of Failure[/b] : There is no help in any of the coin clients and this is especially required with new users or for schools.

    [b]Cause of Failure[/b] : Pressure of other required network developments by members.

    [b]Symptom[/b] : Essential tasks to enterprise success not completed.

    [b]Task[/b] : Enable the maximum input from forum members to accelerate coin network and associated technology development and testing.
    : Create an experimental crowd edited thread to [b]“Develop Help material for use by the Feathercoin-Qt or other coin client.”[/b]

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    Please feel free to edit this document, maybe you can’t, if so put that in as a mode of failure. Until then I will integrate new posts.

    There’s a maximum of 4 screen shots so images will have to be added 4 per post.

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