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Issues with the newest Debian when mining.

  • | Tip J4c0b5L4tt3r

    I have Debian 7 running on one of my rigs. After 10 minutes the screen goes blank and locks up the system. I am planning to downgrade to the previous version of Debian in a couple hours, but if anyone has any insight as to how to remedy this, I’d appreciate any info. I’ve tried everything possible to disable the blanking, xset, editing confs, etc, but appears to be a bug. Mostly I just wanted to give a heads up to the pool that I’ll being running half steam for a few until I can do the downgrade…

  • Regular Member | Tip zerodrama

    Drivers 13.4 cause nothing but problems. Use 13.1 to 13.3. Never upgrade to bleeding edge on important systems.

  • | Tip J4c0b5L4tt3r

    Thanks zerodrama, I am using the 13.1 drivers. I actually found out one of my cards died, so I am in the process of getting another. Not sure if that was causing the issue with the lock ups though… Still diagnosing… Thanks again for the help.

  • | Tip J4c0b5L4tt3r

    Update: I found out that it was actually one of my cards locking up the system after 10 minutes. I’ve pulled the card so I can use the other one to keep mining with. My friend was kind enough to let me use a 7950 until I get my other one back from the manufacturer, so I’ll be back to full speed later on tonight… So for the record, there was nothing wrong with my Debian installation or my drivers:) Viva Linux!

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