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WTB Vid Card for mining FTC

  • | Tip scottypm

    Wanted: A gpu card so i dont have to mine with cpu anymore! anyone know of deals going on/letting me know what card to look for would be much appreciated. on a dell inspiron 530 2GHz HD and 2GB Ram . Looking for a card (used/older) for something under ~$75 (USD) does suh a card exist? any help would be much help…as i dont know exactly what im looking for…

    thanks again

  • | Tip ken

    Your best bet in that price range is going to be a Radeon 6850.

    You may be able to snag a 6870 or 7850 if you can find a good deal or if you can put a few extra dollars into it.

    6850 would mine around 250-275 khash/s
    6870 would mine around 300-350 khash/s
    7850 would mine around 350-400 khash/s

    I have 2 7850’s mining at 390 khash/s each.