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Exchange payza to pefectmoney, egopay, skrill, paypal instantly

  • | Tip loken12

    This is another very legit and instant e-currency exchange service, you can trust this [url=http://www.exanger.com/]exanger.com[/url] for your trade or advertising any business, this service in business for many years and many people are now joining this for instant exchange and the good part of this service i find is very low charge service than any other, let’s check out if you want.

  • Spammer Banned | Tip Kevlar

    That’s the second scammy site you’ve posted.

    Again, I can find NO ONE who’s done business with these guys, and lots of people asking if they’re legit. This is shady, do business with these people at your own risk. There’s MUCH more reputable vendors for this.

  • | Tip spynappels

    [b]This site does not appear to be legit. Use entirely at your own risk, we do not recommend it’s use.[/b]

    @loken12: Please do not keep promoting shady sites/service providers like these. It does nothing for the FTC community, damages your rep and could get you banned, either temporarily or permanently.

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