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\[ANN\]Cryptoulette - Casino



    Now offering more games with unbeatable odds and all 100% provably fair!

  • Nice :P , It works like a charm :) no delays and intuitive “user interface” +1 rep :P

  • Nice,

    I will have a go on this tonight, :)

    Now i would love a CSGO Feathercoin based server :) … earn for killing and lose for deaths lol…

  • Great site, Needed to stop :)

    Won nice amount tho :D

    Could do with a blackJack, and so on :)

  • [quote name=“j0k3rhd” post=“55909” timestamp=“1391025584”]
    Great site, Needed to stop :)

    Won nice amount tho :D

    Could do with a blackJack, and so on :)

    I actually started an HTML5 blackjack game but shelved it for roulette, I may look into this again should cryptoulette prove popular.
    Thanks for feedback & playing! 8)

  • Great website.

    Had to try my luck :D smooth experience and no hiccups at all .

  • Team Infrastructure

    Hey UKMark,

    is the site still fine? Played yesterday and didnt get a payout :/

  • You have to win to get a payout :P

    If you did win and didn’t get a payout then I need your TXID’s of the bet in question so I can investigate further…But it all appears to be working as should from the logs.

    EDIT: I found one bet that didn’t payout - looks like the user ended the session before payout or possiblly more than one tab open at a time?

    Like I say confirm TXID and I’ll investigate.

  • Team Infrastructure

    TXID: 7e73512bd6f28572cdc08cf077fccd1cd2f8af8b4d662072955864653cc6d6f1

    Thanks for your efforts :)

  • WIN!
    Account Address= 6s6S8EabsLch2WVdxw1qb8QR3hx95hVa73
    TXID= 7e73512bd6f28572cdc08cf077fccd1cd2f8af8b4d662072955864653cc6d6f1
    Gamekey= 733qbBV5J2gp73p
    Sender= 6idasj3Mfwc1Sr69NdC6udJ4LPunhhYuMm
    Selection= 3RD12
    Result= 29
    Bet Amount= 1 FTC

    3FTC Sent to your sig’ address:


  • Team Infrastructure

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Cryptoulette now running Feathercoin daemon.

  • I have just added a new game to

    Introducing Cryptojack a Blackjack game for cryptocurrency…


    How To Play:

    1. Send funds to the displayed Feathercoin address above. These funds are held in your game wallet and can be cashed out instantly.

    2. Once funds are received the game will start automatically.

    3. Select the amount you wish to bet (MIN BET 1 FTC - MAX BET 100 FTC).

    4. To start press deal.

    5. Once the hand is played and the outcome known any winnings due will be automatically credited back to your game wallet.

    **Note: **Make sure your Feathercoin client (wallet) is fully synced before sending your bet!

    Payout Odds:

    Cryptojack offers some of the best blackjack odds available and all on a single deck of 52 cards!

    Win: Pays 1/1
    Blackjack: Pays 3/2
    MAX BET 100 FTC


    All games are 100% Provably fair and the sha256 hash of the current 52 card deck play data is always displayed prior to the game starting!

    Cryptojack uses the following game system:

    First a Single 52 Card Deck is shuffled to produce the Hexidecimal play data like so:


    This data is then displayed to the user in the form of a ‘sha256’ algorithm always using the txid of the first game wallet deposit as the salt, like so:

    Play Data + TXID

    The unhashed play data determines the play order of the following 52 cards from left to right, each number and letter represent a corresponding card using the following key:

    ACE=1 - KING=d - QUEEN=c - JACK=b - 10=a - 2to9=2to9


    The dealer is dealt the first card face down then the player receives the next two cards then finally the dealer receives their second card.The dealer ALWAYS stands on both 17 and “soft” 17 (e.g. An initial ace and six).

    Once the 52 cards have been played then the deck is re-shuffled and the previous decks unhashed play data is displayed once the current hand is over.

    Note: As the game is card value dependent rather than suit dependant the suits are just randomly generated during gameplay, this means it may be possible to see card suit duplicates - but rest assured each 52 card deck consists of only 4 of each card value as proven by the revelead play data and sha256 hash’s thereof.

    Many thanks to all who help me test.

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