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Bet with FTC / Premier League / Super 6 (Updated)

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    Premier League Super 6 !

    Simply predict the result (home win/draw/away win) for the 6 featured games to win the prize! The games are scheduled for this Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd of March

    Stake: 2 FTC

    Prize: 25 FTC (+ your 2 FTC stake)


    Everton v West Ham

    Fulham v Chelsea

    Hull v Newcastle

    Stoke v Arsenal

    Southampton v Liverpool

    Tottenham v Cardiff

    Simply send your stake:


    Then copy and paste the above fixtures and post it here in the thread with your predictions next to each fixture in brackets. e.g:

    Huddersfield v Coventry (home win)

    Bets must be placed before midday on the day of kick-off

    With your wallet address underneath so I can match your transaction to your prediction. If you win I will send the 25 FTC + your original stake, so 27 FTC in total, on Saturday evening


  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    This is my for fun prediction:

    Everton v West Ham (Home)

    Fulham v Chelsea (Away)

    Hull v Newcastle (Draw)

    Stoke v Arsenal (Away)

    Southampton v Liverpool (Away)

    Tottenham v Cardiff (Home)

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    Some clear favourites again this week !

    Just two FTC for your chance to receive 27 in return for a correct sequence. Go on have a go 🙂

  • Team Infrastructure | Tip ChekaZ


    I think you have to announce this in the gerneral discussion topic, since we got no live-feed for new posts.

    I like your enthusiasm, sad that noone read/participated… 😞

    anyway +1 rep for your efforts.

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    cool thx … Maybe I will re-open and announce it in general discussion then. I will wait until this weekend now though to give a whole week’s notice 🙂

  • | Tip UKMark

    [quote name=“new2crypto” post=“57376” timestamp=“1391645930”]
    No interest whatsoever :o

    Disappointed 😠

    Yes it’s sad, I have spent many an hour/day/month developing games, services, online wallets, sms payment systems for Feathercoin and they have hardly been used. 😠

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    I will keep this going each week with the updated fixtures …

  • | Tip UKMark

    Liverpool v Arsenal ([b]Home[/b])

    Aston Villa v West Ham ([b]Home[/b])

    Chelsea v Newcastle ([b]Home[/b])

    Norwich v Man City ([b]Away[/b])

    Southampton v Stoke ([b]Away[/b])

    Sunderland v Hull ([b]Home[/b])

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    Date: 08/02/2014 13:54
    To: 6pzShJBkWERKCbZ9RhVtaRjsvkwdwKCSrs
    Debit: -2.00 FTC
    Net amount: -2.00 FTC
    Transaction ID: 2d8e704487438c61e2aa53fc28f02c1542b636832f10ecf1e16df9d54f833e29


  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    Good luck. Will update or payout tonight 🙂

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    I don’t follow football at all! But for a bit o’ fun I might have a go next weekend and see if I get anywhere, might also give you a bit of a laugh at my stupid predictions 🙂

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    No problem, I will update with the new fixtures later on …

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    Here are the Super 6 results:

    Liverpool 5 - 1 Arsenal [b](Home)[/b]
    Aston Villa 0 - 2 West Ham [b](Away)[/b]
    Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle [b](Home)[/b]
    Norwich 0 - 0 Man City [b](Draw)[/b]
    Southampton 2 - 2 Stoke [b](Draw)[/b]
    Sunderland 0 - 2 [b](Away)[/b]

    [b]No Winner[/b]

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    Chelsea v Everton 2-1 (Home)
    Arsenal v Sunderland 2-0 (Home)
    Man City v Stoke 3-0 (Home)
    West Brom v Fulham 2-1 (Home)
    West Ham v Southampton 1-2 (Away)
    Crystal Palace v Man Utd 1-3 (Away)

    I’ll send over my 2FTC now 😉

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    You only have to guess the result though ok. Just to make it clear to others. It is just the result you need to get right (home win/draw/away win). Not the actual score …

  • Regular Member | Tip new2crypto

    Here are the Super 6 results:

    Chelsea 1 - 0 Everton (Home)
    Arsenal 4 - 1 Sunderland (Home)
    Man City 1 - 0 Stoke (Home)
    West Brom 1 - 1 Fulham (Draw)
    West Ham 3 - 1 Southampton (Home)
    Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Man United (Away)

    No Winner